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  1. Removed perfect comps and perfect breeding. Added Shiny Auction House.
  2. Female Shiny Tentacruel Nature: Serious Iv's Hp: 25 Atk: 22 Def: 29 Sp. Atk: 31 Sp. Def: 29 Spd: 29 Can you value this ? :)
  3. Update. Added Comps for sell (in the spoiler) Also if you want to see how many orders I have before you send a poke click on the spoiler bellow customers.
  4. Hello dear customers, My shop will be closed for today. I have to change the prices on lvl grinding! The reason to this is that I'm feeling like I'm payed less than I grind (grinding 8 hours for 180k for example). Don't worry though, I will open tomorrow with the new prices (+20k or so). As for the Pokemon I currently working on I will keep grinding without asking for more money. Thank you all for supporting me!
  5. Hello Friend i will need your service. Pokemon: Bulbasaur Gender: N/A Pokeball: N/A Nature: Modest Hp: x25 Atk: X Def: x25 Sp.Atk: x31 Sp.Def: x25 Spd: x31 No Egg Moves
  6. When is Haloween event? I have 4 pokes to train before yours (see the pendings in the spoiler) aside that lvl to 100 takes a lot of time. Im just clearing this out. But yes i can try to do it.
  7. Um. Not sure, pay whatever you think.
  8. Congratz to Laxeous! Pokemon: NidoqueenGender: FemalePokeball: Safari Ball (Wild Catch)Lv. 50Nature: ModestHp: 30 / 6Atk: 6Def: 29Sp. Atk: 31 / 252Sp. Def: 17Speed: 31 / 252Moveset: Sludge Bomb - Earth Power - Surf - Shadow Ball
  9. Yes, I saw! Thank you. Almost done with 2 of em. Waiting to go home and I'll mail them back to you, also I will put your name at the customers section.
  10. Update: 1) Change working Schedule (that may change in the future, depends on my IRL working time) 2) Ev Training + Lv. Up to 50 got cheaper!
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