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  1. Looking for a partner who is interested in Link-Battles to farm Battle Points. Anyone who is interested whisper me ING SharpBlue
  2. You can use Dragonite as a wallbreaker but not as a Parashuffler. Similar to that playstyle you can use Milotic with Flame Orb to take advandage of the Marvel Scales ability and use Dragon Tail in it's move set. The think is that Dragon Tail doesn't by pass Substitute. Roar would be another option but Roar can be "Disabled" with a Taunt from the opponent.
  3. Order Pokemon: Lotad Iv's: 2x31 (Sp.Atk, Speed) Nature: Timid Egg Moves: No Gender: Whatever Pokeball: Whatever
  4. Competitive Gyarados


    Item: Leftovers  
    Ability: Intimidate  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 84 HP / 244 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 172 Spe  
    Jolly Nature  
    - Waterfall  
    - Bounce 
    - Substitute  
    - Dragon Dance


    This is Gyarados's bread-and-butter set this generation, being able to set up on a multitude of Pokemon. Dragon Dance is just an amazing move for Gyarados, boosting its Attack to unbelievably high levels and patching up its underwhelming Speed. Gyarados's many useful resistances give it plenty of opportunities to set up, as does Intimidate, which allows it to take various neutral attacks such as Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, and Crunch. On top of this, Substitute enables Gyarados to avoid status, revenge killers, and Volt Switches. In a metagame full of those three things, Substitute makes it much less of a burden to set up. All walls that don't carry phazing moves are going to be in trouble against Gyarados.


    As for the attacking moves, Gyarados's STABs generally provide enough coverage. Waterfall, especially with a rain boost, can put heavy dents in any Pokemon unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of it. Bounce has nice coverage with Waterfall, most notably hitting bulky Water-types, and ensures Gyarados's Substitute isn't broken while it attacks, only faltering against Thunder in rain while Gyarados is in the air.


    The EVs allow Gyarados to outrun Jolteon at +1 and prevent a burned Ferrothorn from breaking a Substitute with Power Whip. The HP number achieved increases the healing received from Leftovers, and the remaining EVs are pumped into Attack for more power. Waterfall is obviously irreplaceable on this set, but Bounce isn't. Stone Edge can be used to hit opposing Gyarados, and Dragonite harder, but Bounce is generally more useful.


    The biggest threats to Gyarados is Ferrothorn and defensive Politoed / Vaporeon. Defensive Politoed / Vaporeon has Protect to foil Bounce and can tank a few Waterfalls (Vaporeons Water Absorb) due to its resistance, while using Perish Song (Politoed) to force Gyarados out. Finally, Ferrothorn can use Leech Seed the turn that Gyarados hits it with Bounce (as long as Gyarados isn't behind a Substitute) and then slowly stall it out, with Power Whip and Iron Barbs further helping drain Gyarados's life, or just slowly kill it with Power Whip and even shut down Bounce if Ferrothorn has Protect.

  5. Welcome Customers This is a LvL Up & Ev Training Shop, i will do the job for YOU with an equal exchange of my time for your pokedollars. How this is going to work. You will send me an E-mail in Pokemmo IGN (in game name) SharpBlue with your pokemon and the correct info of how you want me to Ev Train your pokemon and what moves you want me to keep as i LvL it Up. For Example... Pokemon: Bulbasaur Ev's: 252 HP / 252 Sp. Def / 6 Def Moveset: Leech Seed / Sludge Bomb / Hidden Power Fire / Synthesis Evolve: Yes / No (Venusaur) LvL Cap: 50 / 100 Prices 252 points cost 25.000 pokedollars. 1.000 pokedollars per LvL Up until lvl 50, 2.000 pokedollars per LvL Up until lvl 100. Note: As soon as i finish your request i will E-mail it back to you, if you made a typo mistake in the info or forgot to writte something specific you want me to do it's not my fault. To avoid Scams you need to pay me up front so i can start training your pokemon and for you to feels safe you can post here in the comments what pokemon did you send me or keep screen shots for the Mods if you think that i'm going to keep your pokes. Thank you for your time!
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