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  1. How do yall calculate the number of encounters? Do yall keep track?
  2. Little important things I've noticed after my runs: 1) Estimate the number of enemies you need to kill, and kill them from "outside in", meaning defeat the pokes farther away from the shrine first, then kill the ones near the shrine last to finish the wave. This allows you to choose what pokes to change to to deal with a new wave. Knowing this wouldve saved my team several times, instead of getting stuck with mons that were good for the previous wave but bad after the reset. 2) Best mons early (i think) are ponyta and mankey, and tauros is pretty much a must have with
  3. Title says it all. What are your thoughts on team preview? Personally i don't like it, because pvp and comps ive always played in pokemmo had no team preview. However, im very interested to see how the game changes after this.
  4. How does nature power work in pvp? Does it jusy become tri attack all the time?
  5. Not even Ghetsis' hydreigon? I must just be bad lol.
  6. You can check the IVs of your pokemon. Right clicking the pokemon in your inventory will pull up the summary screen, and the tab at top of the summary menu that looks like a "DNA strand" will show you the IVs of your pokemon. I believe its the 4th tab from the left. This game is one hell of a grind lol, to EV train, farm berries, gym runs, and PVP BP farming, so you'll enjoy it. Its worth it to find new teams to pvp with IMO. Idk about encounter rates, and catch rates are slightly tweaked i believe to make pokes harder to catch. Yes, the game is much hard
  7. I'm going to attempt to tackle the elephant in the room, and put it out there that the run throughs right now are possibly too hard. Now i know that this topic has been raised multiple times before and discussed, don't kill me with your pitch forks yet, im posting this due to the constant inflow of posts both on this forum as well as the pokemmo subreddit. Personally, i have no problem with the difficulty of the game, as do most of us who are rather familiar with pokemon games, and the play throughs are definitely doable with a bit of thought and care. However, the fact that there
  8. Hey all, I've intended to collect data of the Pokemmo economy for quite a while, and began this project 3 months ago but never got around to constantly updating the data. I've just decided to look at some prices i recorded back then, and I intend to continue keeping much closer attention to price fluctuations along with events that may impact the economy. This is mainly just for fun, to see how changes in the economy could potentially affect prices. ---------Farmables Everstone sometime in early August 2018 17000~20000 10/10/18 4998 16/01/2019 8300 Life Orb 10/10
  9. Can we take a moment to look at WHY there isn't a 100 accuracy rock type physical move, and the next best alternative to stone edge is rock slide still without 100 accuracy with a 25% decrease in power. Nothing to see here just a SALTY boi that's confused why he's being punished for stone edge predicts
  10. Is this Xmas event possibly a beta test for future dungeons for HAs and Legendaries? *fingers crossed*
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