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  1. please don’t put the subsoil and that spiritomb is found rare in some cave
  2. No doubt they work hard, with teselia did an excellent job, I want the PTS to start :D.
  3. I think Sinnoh will be implemented in no time, they already said it was ready, it’s just enabling it, srry for my English.
  4. I appreciate information about Sinnoh :D, thank you people!!!!
  5. I don’t see how, frankly, black and white pokemon has a more complex graphic engine and was successfully implemented.
  6. please if you will see Sinnoh open the Pts.
  7. I don’t think it’s a joke, if you hadn’t already cleared up and removed the post. I sincerely hope it will be VERY soon.
  8. is a good idea, you could add to see the hours you have in the game.
  9. I placed the post so that people would vote it and it would become faster.
  10. DarkTieru

    White forest

    HI, they could deploy the white forest to get some Pokes like starly. and we left a point closer to go to Route 15 and surroundings?
  11. I would like to it also Jotho, But there are priorities as Sinnoh, hidden skills,correction of bugs,etc. I admit that I would like to receive some news about that jajajajajaja.
  12. Look in the Pokedex pokemons Pseudolegendarys with decent iv's and train them ev's.good luck.
  13. with weavile you beat them in speed and kill them with 1 stroke
  14. Cat is Incinerated... Also does it happen to you? ok ty people!!!! I remain calm
  15. HI, It happens to someone else that when they hit the button to connect, it never connects?
  16. I have more than 1K of hours played in Trove and what killed him was also the great amount of hours that had to be devoted to him to farm and farm. You got things a lot faster before.,If you put on a lot of farm,the people get frustrated and leave.
  17. I understand his point,I’d like to see a game as good as this in good shape.I just want the good of the game and the comfort of the players.
  18. The situation today is a clear example that supply and demand are getting out of control, everything is being devalued. already the effort of the player is not worth anything in farming 1 hour things that end up being worth 6K and get 2 or 3 of those items.Why? because lowered the rate of appearance of objects and the money given by the NPC. I don’t think it’s good for new players or for those who don’t pay and have little time to devote to the game, already there is more and more demand and supply of Vanity’s exclusive and that will bring as consequence the devaluation. the game is not difficult, but frustrating. I invite you to investigate the case of a MMO called TROVE, started as well as this game , to difficulty the pharmaceutical and to give abysmal privileges to those who pay, making you have to take a full day to get SOMETHING, very little, nowadays not even the parrot.He ended up by dying...We’re still halfway there and there’s time to fix it if you want.
  19. HI! I felt I should give my opinion fot this wonderful game, who is going through a difficult time, concerning to PAY TO FAST, no pay to win, is pay to fast Buying vanity's to make money (pokedollars) more easily and in less time than a player who does not pay, the solution I see is to go back to the farming before Teselia(Unova),(money given by npc and item appearance ratio)many players will invest the same amount of hours even more in the game and by taste for a real fun,It was not frustrating farming,e there the difference, the staff loses nothing that way, the vanitys trade existed efficiently before,all this collapsed, the old school we knew and re well, for example a Vanity that at that time was worth 500k (before Teselia) was more and better accessible for nobate and advanced players, as there was more demand for being cheaper, would generate more purchases with real cash (staff pockets) than by the same Vanity (today) that is worth how 2m and it gets stuck and sometimes months in the GTL, I don’t see the point of going on putting infinity of Vanity’s and locking.the farm of people who like me or like many people who read this can’t pay real money and put hours and hours for Win MISERIES, everyone would have access to virtually any item from the gift shop. Sometimes i'm thinkingthat the staff forgets that the players have life apart from the game, some work, others study, among other activities, can not spend 24/7 in front of a PC and that becomes a Repellent for any player. I also think that they are locked in an ideological bubble where it only matters what the staff thinks and I hope to be wrong, from my heart I say it. Ty! SORRY if it sounded as aggression, The intention was not this, It just makes me sick that a game as big as this fence is going down the wrong road There’s still time to avoid the bad.
  20. Would be better with a friend that you accustom to play, For chat of link or for program of voice.
  21. The battles It would be pvp
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