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  1. DarkTieru

    Ditto breeding

    HI, I like suggets that dittos breeding each other (sorry for my english), To obtain Pokemons with especial gender, example ""Tauros"", since the price of dittos it is not the same thing of before with the breedings with pokes genderless, TY!!!
  2. DarkTieru

    Devs Log

    It would be too much
  3. DarkTieru

    Hidden skills

    I hope it's soon.
  4. DarkTieru

    Hidden skills

    HI,sorry for my english, I would like to propose That are implemented hidden skills For more variety of strategies in PvP, thanks you very much.
  5. DarkTieru

    Goals for the Mayor of PokeMMO in 2019

    You will be able to do that they put the lacking regions and the Hidden skills you conceal soon? sorry for my English.
  6. DarkTieru


    I do not deal, google does not translate well.
  7. DarkTieru


    I wait put the dungeons for the next update
  8. DarkTieru

    Problem of GTL ?

    :O , okeeey.
  9. DarkTieru

    Problem of GTL ?

    ok, but why ? , and ty
  10. DarkTieru

    Problem of GTL ?

    Hi, sorry for my English again,One asks only for curiosity, Why doesn't work the GTL ? ty In advance.
  11. DarkTieru

    Pokemon from other gens

    I would like it, I wait with anxieties for the Region of sinnoh and his pokes and the secret skills
  12. DarkTieru

    Change Name

    Hi, sorry for my english. i have 1 question, If me renaming, the OT ( EO) of my pokemon also change ? TY
  13. DarkTieru

    Doubt on upbringing shiny's

    Thank you very much
  14. HI, I am new in this, sorry for my English,but, I have a doubt, if i just raise Shiny with my OT or EO (fermale) and other shiny with other player OT or EO (male), the finally the baby or breeding have my Ot or Unkown EO ? ty
  15. DarkTieru

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Ty staff, again :)

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