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  1. please don’t put the subsoil and that spiritomb is found rare in some cave
  2. No doubt they work hard, with teselia did an excellent job, I want the PTS to start :D.
  3. I think Sinnoh will be implemented in no time, they already said it was ready, it’s just enabling it, srry for my English.
  4. I appreciate information about Sinnoh :D, thank you people!!!!
  5. I don’t see how, frankly, black and white pokemon has a more complex graphic engine and was successfully implemented.
  6. please if you will see Sinnoh open the Pts.
  7. I don’t think it’s a joke, if you hadn’t already cleared up and removed the post. I sincerely hope it will be VERY soon.
  8. is a good idea, you could add to see the hours you have in the game.
  9. I placed the post so that people would vote it and it would become faster.
  10. HI, they could deploy the white forest to get some Pokes like starly. and we left a point closer to go to Route 15 and surroundings?
  11. I would like to it also Jotho, But there are priorities as Sinnoh, hidden skills,correction of bugs,etc. I admit that I would like to receive some news about that jajajajajaja.
  12. Look in the Pokedex pokemons Pseudolegendarys with decent iv's and train them ev's.good luck.
  13. with weavile you beat them in speed and kill them with 1 stroke
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