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  1. Not sure if this in the right place but it isn't really competition team based so hence why am putting it here. But I am having trouble making a team for Gym Rematches. I have never rematched gyms or done any comp like things in Pokemon before. So in that sense, you could call me a newbie. I have beat all three elite 4s once and I am now trying to get a team to rematch the gyms and then the elite 4s. I originally asked those in my club/team for ideas, but they all say different things. Some say to use Hydregion with such and such moves but then others come and say don't listen to them use typlosion. If your anything like me stuff like that as a newbie to rematching gyms It just confuses you. So I was hoping some of you guys could help me find a team I would like and wouldn't be too hard to get. If you could state IVs, maybe EVs, moves to go with the pokemon that would be good, I am not looking for perfect 6x31s I hear 2x31s are good enough. Any help would be appreciated cause I wanna start learning all of this comp stuff. But I tend to learn if different ways for different things, sometimes told, shown, or I gotta do it while told or shown. And comp poke making needs lots of moneys x3
  2. Form ➥ Character: Mega Charizard X ➥ Background: Something that would fit well with it. ➥ Text: BlazeyHayes Läva ➥ Animated: Up to you. :D Hopefully, this isn't too hard to do. ^-^'
  3. Hey guys. I want to join, I have currently two in game characters, one in unova and one in kanto. Unova one is AdrainWoods and the Kanto one is BlazesHayes. I do not mind what one joins. :D @MathewMat
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