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  1. Why can't this be called privacy? Our research is easily available to others and even been posted online as a means of making money. Do you think it's right? You say we're only suggesting this because we want to make more money. Yes, you can think so. So let me ask you, isn't it true that you're not doing Halloween to make money, but Halloween is fun and attractive to you? Is it wrong that we spend more to get more?
  2. You can also look at what Vhisc says. Some people were watching us live. It was like putting our team out there. Last year, even more voyeurs recorded our videos and posted them on the Internet without our permission
  3. So what does that have to do with people being able to watch us steal our research? We just want to have a little privacy
  4. u can see what Vhsic say.Maybe you can understand why we're doing this
  5. You mean Halloween is supposed to be about sharing teams with other people? WHY? Isn't it natural that we should give and get what we deserve? I just want to share it with my friends and my partners, not with everyone. Shouldn't that be allowed?
  6. Yes,but i m a player too.Those who steal our team can get the reward without any loss, but we spend a lot of time and money on it. Do you think it's fair?
  7. Dear management,I m a player who was played pokemmo for two years.This Halloween event bothers me a lot.Makes me feel bad.Due this spectator system,bothers me and my team.Our team spent lots of money to find out how to defeat the pumpkin king easily.But due this spectator system,strangers can directly STEAL our research results.Whats more,some network anchor even watch us live.Led to our building being quickly leakded out.This behavior greatly dampens our enthusiam and we feel that our privacy has been violated.This is the case this year,as is the event last year.My team and I have been
  8. ID:ZireaelCiri 艾路雷朵 性格:爽朗 努力:252攻速6hp 道具:标靶 技能:戏法 剑舞 精神力刃 近身战 玩法解析:艾路雷朵由于优秀的特耐端和拥有舞剑,对nu环境中受向pm的威胁极大,以各类草毒 钢蛇 大嘴蝠等诸多盾牌都有很强的压制力,故nu偏受的队伍里面常常会携带勾魂眼这一超斗的真正亲爹来作为应对手段,而勾魂眼之所以能挡超斗完全是因为其鬼恶属性能封死超斗双本,而戏法标靶这一配置便依此而生,给戏法了标靶的勾魂眼会给超斗舞剑近身打直接确一,是一个非常有意思的针对性配置
  9. 爽朗极速围巾,配招追击 咬碎 蛮力 尖石,多为捕获耿鬼/海星,以及给飞行系pm施压,辅佐后排格斗系pm如老将或是舞剑的路卡
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