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  1. Quietninja0954

    When will the Battle Subway be implemented?

    Good Question
  2. I hope it's in the next update
  3. Quietninja0954

    [Sig] ✨ Fatlafel's 12 Days of Xmas ✨

    Oh a discount for LËM? Thank you
  4. Quietninja0954

    Hordes Notifications

    I mean in black and white not in hoenn or kanto
  5. Quietninja0954

    Hordes Notifications

    It would be nice to see a little message on the bottom of the screen that tells you if a horde is active somewhere
  6. Quietninja0954

    I can't see my friend!

    Nevermind It worked
  7. Quietninja0954

    I can't see my friend!

    It didn't work
  8. Quietninja0954

    I can't see my friend!

    Can I battle them though? or trade
  9. Quietninja0954

    I can't see my friend!

    I can't see my friend on pc (I'm on mobile)
  10. Quietninja0954

    Help sidequest kanto

  11. Quietninja0954

    Help sidequest kanto

    Use cut

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