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  1. Day 632. Off topic has still not returned. I fear for the forums' future. It may never be fun again.

    1. Misfire33


      Comrade Dracula's Government Gulag is always fun!

  2. Welp, thanks to the mods' stupid ass decision, pretty much anything that ever appealed to me on this forum is gone. I came back after a leave of absence for a year because I thought things would have changed and I would be able to enjoy posting here again, but it's evident that's not going to happen any time soon. I don't see myself sticking around here or playing the game for much longer.

  3. OT is locked down. Shit, now I have to go DO something.

    1. Vaeldras


      Come and shitpost in general

  4. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening. Nobody of importance has posted anything here, and the devs aren't ok with anything being even slightly easy in this game.
  5. SgtAsh

    Vanity Thread

    [spoiler][/spoiler] Darkshade pls
  6. I want money for comps and hats.   And repels because the water encounter rate is too damn high.
  7. Last time I checked, more money is generally good for an economy. Right now, PokeMMO is close to it's own great depression. If it becomes slightly easier to get money, players will be able to buy more, breed more, etc, and you'll see the pokemmo economy balance out. And it will also be just generally more fun.   We need less bullshit, more games.
  8. tfw everybody here is a goddamn weeaboo

    1. Misfire33


      mfw they need some freedom delivered via napalm and workout DVDs

    2. Vaeldras
  9. You know what America does with japanese culture

  10. Yes, +1   We really need some solutions to the whole grinding problem. I understand that "It's an MMO, you have to grind™" but there is an extremely excessive amount of grinding in PokeMMO. The devs have made everything so damn hard to do without hours and hours of mindless grinding that it becomes no fun anymore and people quit. I came back because hoenn, but once I'm done with that, I'll probably get bored and quit again after a little while.
  11. SgtAsh

    Quick Wishlist

    An IV filter in the box. Like the ability to sort pokemon based on how high/low their IV's in a certain stat are.   A "log out" button instead of just needing to close the game   An option to disable battle animations. You can only watch the scratch animation so many times.
  12. SgtAsh

    Vanity Thread

    Could it be possible to have buyable shoes/boots? I accidentally put boots on my main character and it looks like I'm wearing thigh highs.
  13. Just remembered the password to my old forum account! All is well again.
  14. This. This please. I'll finally be able to use my adamant Golem.
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