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  1. I feel like with the new time restrictions on amulet coin and lucky egg, the following update should get us a way to disable animations to save up time, right? right guys?
  2. I dunno, it would seem to be common sense to lock everyone's team when they sign up for a tournament. I also thought tournaments already did that lol If they don't thats a big oof.
  3. What do they lock not your teams in when you register for a tournament? I was under the assumption that you were forced to use the same team throughout the tournament.
  4. Any plans on adding Black 2 and White 2 content?
  5. My only complaint is how they arent giving a date for the update or any information on it really
  6. Dungeons seem better than the dream world though, just saying. I dont play the main series games so i cant 100% verify this but i dont recall there being an item in the main series pokemon games that allows you to change your pokemon's ability into its hidden ability so i dont see why the dev's are responsible for implementing something like that. From what i can remember hidden ability pokemon were always obtained through different means and i find dungeons a cool idea to get them. This game is better than showdown and games alike specifically because of the grind, mmorpgs thrive in grinding. Showdown for example is just a simulator, its a whole different game philosophy from an mmorpg. Though it would be a nice addition to pokeMMO to get regional formats kind of like what showdown does with Gen specific formats, for example having a Gen 3 format would be nice. It wont be unfun, boring a not worth doing if theres HA pokemon and legendaries there, the devs cant exactly create new stuff either because (from what i've heard) nintendo hasnt come to get the devs in legal trouble because PokeMMO is considered a mod on the original game roms so it doesnt violate any copyright stuff. That could change if they decide to add original content to the game. From my perspective it makes sense to leave HAs to be implemented alongside dungeons, instead of ''bugged'' or ''half-finished code'' i see it as the developers holding features back to release them in the future in a more engaging way (AKA the dungeons). Since they cant put forth 100% original content they have to manage whatever resources they have from the original roms to RELEASE ''new'' content (not create as the devs dont exactly create new content). Dungeons arent DLC lol, it will be a core part of the game, this game is still in development. By the point you're playing competitively (which i assume you would be if you want hidden ability pokemon) you would have enough resources to play through the dungeons. Its not as if you're locked out of dungeons or anything. They dont create content, they ''release'' it, thats why its ''held back'', in order for something to be ''released'' it has to have been '''held back'' at some point. As I already said, HAs seem to be a perfectly reasonable reward for dungeons, it'll be a nice addition to the economy (arguably the best and most differentiating feature of this game) and one thing will justify the other: HAs will justify running through the dungeons; Dungeons will be the main source of HA pokemon, also ''normal part of it''? Dungeons will be part of the ''normal'' or ''core game'' (again). Yeah, its there to increase difficulty, also since they are there it means that they are ''coded'', they're just not available to the player base, only NPCs. Same with legendaries as you can see them in the battle frontier. What do you mean ''key-parts'' the game developed a metagame and competitive scene without HAs and has been playable without HAs for some years now HAs are the interesting reason... You're not forced to play dungeons to get HA pokemon since you dont *need* HA pokemon, you'll play them because you *want* HA pokemon. Saying that you're forced to run through the dungeon to get HA pkmn is the same as saying you're forced to play the game to progress. Of course you have to play to get stuff what do you expect? Having money fall out from the skies? Also the whole remaking pokemon you already own thing, people already do that... Theres a couple moveset, IV and EV differences between some builds of comps and some people breed the same pokemon over again but with a different build. You having to breed the same pokemon again is just a change in the competitive scene, its nothing new. It happened with blisseys when eviolite was implemented for example, and as new items and pokemon get added the competitive scene will inevitably change and some pokemon will be powercrept, thats just progress Again, from the extent of my knowledge HA pokemon arent exactly found in the wild in the main series pokemon games either. Also ''fully working'' and ''game breaking''? you are aware that there are some weak hidden abilities right? At most you could say that HAs are alternative versions of the pokemon which means that the normal non-HA pokemon arent ''half coded'', they're just as they're supposed to be and HAs are the alternative. The grinding and the economy, plus the guilds and player interactions are all good attributes that i've noticed differentiate this game from things like showdown. Grinding IS part of the fun. ''I'm not hating on new releases, but also this new release is shit i jjust want HAs without having to work for it'' this is how you sound mate. Also they arent ''refusing to program in half a pokemon thats already in the game''... the whole point of the dungeon is to implement that ''half a pokemon'' dude they are literally making progress to implement the thing that you want to be implemented. Also again, they need to work with the content in the original games because they could get in trouble for diverging from the ''mod'' status of pokemmo. Dang i hope i didnt repeat myself too much
  7. Oh ok that makes sense, thanks for the reply
  8. I've been trying to catch low level stuff with quick balls but it seems to never work on the first try. I remember quick balls catching lvl 5 magikarps virtually 100% of the time but that doesnt seem to be the case now. Could someone tell me if thats intended or if Quick Balls' gimmick of throwing them first thing in the battle is not implemented yet. I've noticed this thing playing on android btw.
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