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  1. Well my partner and favorite pokémon is my Honchrow. I even trying to get as many particle as possible in her, Honchrow for me is a magesty pokemon, she help me in so many battles on PvP, she managed to get down so many starmies and Jolteons. I don't know what I would be without that perfect pokemon, one day I will get the shiny one to make a Mother and son complety.
  2. Well the Signal Beam tutor was normal, i teach it to my rotom today, in case this is the Blue Shard tutor on route 212, the earth power tutor is only avaliable on Unova, from the game freak tutor. Was i can see on yours printscreens you only go to tutor of survival area.. Well, take a look on those two that i said
  3. Yo, thank you so much, i love it, gonna use it now ^^
  4. There's a Girl next a stair on the inside of the relic castle, she ask if you want the cover or the plume fossil, if you get the cover you can try to get one catching phenoma mons or just buying one on GTL, even if the fossil was buy when you leave it to be alived again he will be with your OT.
  5. None kkkk I don't use those things, i was just making company for my friend and found those two, to next day i go to same spot and found the sneasel 2h after
  6. Art request: character reference: - preferred pose: Something like my current profile Pic (Hand next of the face and a dgas face kek Well, i think you got that) line color: If you can do it colored like the picture. anything else:
  7. Thank you two for the answers, Well, if you don't mind i'll try to ask one ^^
  8. Welcome Back Kirito Chan :p Hope you have some great moments since you're back again. Wish you lucky in yours shiny hunts or egg hunts.
  9. How much it cost one Profile art of a pokemmo caracter? I was screeching someone who does it and found this post, but i don't know exactly how much i gonna to pay
  10. I Doesn't know that is just happens to me, but when i go to the link show it and i can't download anything
  11. I think it's kinda hard to they put something to make you won't ran of a shiny, i know that some cases that the shiny colour doesn't help. I feel sorry for you buddy, in that cases, try to always read the pokemon names, i do that all the time because i'm afraid to lost one too.
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