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  1. Just updated and it took less than 2 minutes. No problens here.
  2. Hello there people. I recently started playing PokeMMO, and came accross the customization section of the forum, in which I found a great number of different mods, downloaded some and installed a few. Now, the main point of this post is that after downloading quite a bit of mods, some really interesting ones unfortunately didn't seem to be supported by the android version (which is the one I use), so, instead of testing each and every mod to try and find something that works, I decided to lean on my seniors' experience and made this post. So, basically, I would be truly thankful if someone were so kind as to share a few working mods for the android version, specifically themes and sounds (for kanto/hoenn, as GBA's sound system and thus the original BGM is pretty crappy, although nostalgic). Thanks!
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