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  1. Yeah I thought about that as well after I posted.
  2. Why not just make the timer for berries longer? Instead of 42,67 or whatever make it 90,100 or something. And drop the cash by a little bit.
  3. Doesn’t matter on the chance of it having. The key word is chance. You could get unlucky with toge and not get any flinches and end up getting killed because you were relying on a flinch. again I agree it’s an issue but is it ban worthy when you know your opponent is carrying one? And it’s not like dugtrio when it can instant revenge kill. There is still chance involved with togekiss.
  4. I agree that flinches can be annoying and can remove the skill. But that’s rng, focus miss and all of metagross moves for example can bring rng into a factor of winning or losing. A lot of the matches are decided by rng simply by a move miss or a crit hit. I can say that togekiss can be played around around with skill as well. But that doesn’t prove anything when you just state something like that. And then comes back to what skill are we even talking about when crits and misses and flinches can decide a match? but complaining about flinches to me is like complaining about crits and misses that sway an outcome. I do it to so idk what the answer is but I don’t think banning is the right thing to do with team preview now. late game Gengar behind a sub is normally gg. Just like togekiss. I agree that dugtrio should be getting more attention rather than togekiss.
  5. Gengar doesn’t sub.....really I must be playing a different game where Gengar doesn’t sub and cause mass chaos and togekiss has 8 different movesets and can run them all at once. The mons I listed was to prove that all of them have different sets and cripple a team if you think it is the wrong set. But I didn’t think I would have to explain that. Keep rocks on the field
  6. So that means Gengar, hydregion, salamence, kingdra, conk, ttar, lucario all need banned as well. The set you got swept by is weak to rocks and scarf mons or anything faster than it, which is a lot. So basically comes back to your opponent seeing what can sweep and took advantage. Don’t think this is a broken mon. Annoying but team preview basically eliminates that.
  7. It is annoying but with team preview, you usually can tell what moveset it is judging by what is in their team build. Talking about not knowing what set it is, that’s not really an argument anymore especially when almost every mon runs different sets. But what do I know
  8. wasnt trying to troll. Just assumed everyone knew that togekiss was weak to rocks and can be one shotted then. So I figured I’d go the creative route and show that there are different ways to stop togekiss. Yeah at +2 it can 2hko and then force excadrill out but u let gengar in to sub disable it. Either letting gengar set up or excadrill back in to set up. No matter what though, you have to play around togekiss. And like everyone else said, it only gets 4 moves. And each set has counters to them.
  9. I know what aura is for............but just because something is common doesn’t mean it will be used. Especially when the whole reason for this topic is because of how “unpredictable” Togekiss is. Either way excadrill stops it enough to where you can bring in the counter if Togekiss is packing specs aura or even aura in general. Which then sub disable Gengar can have a field day on the switch in.
  10. I know it’s max spec def.........and no I’m not doing it wrong. Especially when people think aura does more damage to excadrill over flame thrower.
  11. Hhmmm. The calcs I just did for aura are not even a guaranteed 3hko. Even if you choice specs Togekiss and hit excadrill on the switch you don’t ko it. Maybe im doing it wrong
  12. Bulky excadrill where are you in these calcs?
  13. It’s been 6 years that this has been talked about, legends probably not coming.
  14. If your end game is playing straight competitive and you don’t care how long it takes you to breed them, then yes all your arguments are valid. However, to me I’d rather have two competitives to use in the same time period as making one so I have more than just one box to play with. I dont think we are we are going to agree on any of this, because there is always two sides to the p2w aspect. People who are for it and the people against it. And obviously there is more people for it or game developers would t still be doing it. im not saying to remove vanities or their value. I’m saying that there needs to be another valuable market to balance it out. Or it’s going to be about vanity, rather than playing Pokémon. And if you don’t care about having wealth in an mmo to do what you want when you want, that’s fine. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it, but I just don’t get how people think it’s ok for people to come in, buy vanity, and leave the game for a year come back sell it all and repeat. So a person that has spent 1 week playing can buy more competitives in the same time period as the person who has been playing everyday grinding.
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