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  1. Yeah I thought about that as well after I posted.
  2. Why not just make the timer for berries longer? Instead of 42,67 or whatever make it 90,100 or something. And drop the cash by a little bit.
  3. It’s been 6 years that this has been talked about, legends probably not coming.
  4. If your end game is playing straight competitive and you don’t care how long it takes you to breed them, then yes all your arguments are valid. However, to me I’d rather have two competitives to use in the same time period as making one so I have more than just one box to play with. I dont think we are we are going to agree on any of this, because there is always two sides to the p2w aspect. People who are for it and the people against it. And obviously there is more people for it or game developers would t still be doing it. im not saying to remove vanities or their value. I’m saying that there needs to be another valuable market to balance it out. Or it’s going to be about vanity, rather than playing Pokémon. And if you don’t care about having wealth in an mmo to do what you want when you want, that’s fine. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it, but I just don’t get how people think it’s ok for people to come in, buy vanity, and leave the game for a year come back sell it all and repeat. So a person that has spent 1 week playing can buy more competitives in the same time period as the person who has been playing everyday grinding.
  5. I completely agree with you, other than the fancy skins in this game, can be used for value. Which is the whole point. For example, skins in pubg, fortnite etc do not matter and micro transactions are fine. However, micro in swbf2 for example which lets you skip the game data to reach the end game. It’s something like this however not as bad. You can buy stronger Pokémon and you can buy more quicker if you go that route. Or you keep vanity till your ready to sell your stock, and put it into a bunch of cash which then you can do whatever you want with. Which u will be able to make full on competitives and a lot more without having to worry about money like most people do. Do you see the point? I am sure someone has bought a lot of skulls or reaper hoods with actual money by donating and just sitting on them to flip for a bunch of cash down the road. Basically instead of the normal person gtl flipping daily or gym grinding, they can legit not even do anything and just wait. thats what I fear is happening and might happen. People actually not playing the game. And if you don’t want to spend time grinding to get money then that proves my point, that people would rather just skip the game play of everything and just go straight to the end. Aka pay to win. Anytime your skipping game data cause you don’t want to do it and you can pay your way out is pay to win to me. That’s exactly what happened with swbf2 and I’m sure everyone knows how that ended up for EA
  6. Any type of advantage to a player through buying items with real money can be pay to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s barely noticeable. If your paying real money to get ahead of others then it can be pay to win. the most discouraging thing to me right now is that, I can buy 10 more reaper hoods, go through all of my in game currency, and be in a better spot two years from now if I never play the game again. I get that its a market and thats how that works. But when a “shark” can find this great game. Invest real money into it, never play it for another two years, come back and be in a better position financially than me, is somewhat very discouraging. This is why having other “valuable” markets other than vanity is important in the long run of this game. It’s what keeps the p2w aspect out of it. The end game is what can be viewed as p2w. You can play competitive, or try to get rich and trade. Either way, your in game wealth, plays a big factor in your enjoyment of the end game. but this all can could have been said 6 years ago, so the more I think about it, I can see it both ways. But p2w has always been a bad subject for me when it comes to games. And granite that’s the way to support the devs, which they deserve. I just hope another market other than vanity rises so it’s not vanitymmo. Sorry for the rant.
  7. This is pay to win eventually with people buying them. Someone can legit walk in here right now buy a bunch of reapers never play for a year and be rich when they come back.
  8. Skulls also dropped hard before the Chinese. And they only increased when they came into play. So sorry gonna have to disagree on the pay to win method. To many people are thinking that it’s going to be that easy. I thought that too as well but 30 days to get one of these things is a long time and rp won’t be selling for 2m At the end of its run when the demand goes down because everyone has one. but only time will tell.
  9. Neither, way to many people thinking this and everyone has one. Doubtful a new influx of players will happen like with what happened with the skulls. but they are a nice and new improvement.
  10. They did it with another helmet also that was only given out through a tournament. It was the first one to raise in value and now you can get it dirt cheap cause it’s in the actual game. It was the swablu hat or something like that? Correct me if I’m wrong. But it’s been done before with vanities, and I get It’s moraly and ethically wrong for them to change the limited on them, but this is getting out of hand. And I think that’s the main reason why this topic is even still going. The people that have the skulls are defending and the people that don’t want it gone. but what reezy hit on about people just sitting on them making 10x more cash than I am while I’m actually gym running etc and playing the game, just speaks volumes at the issue of this game. And when someone wants to unload skulls immediately everyone panics and try’s to sell their’s. For example 3-4 weeks ago someone did this, then I have 2-4 people messaging me as soon as I get on to buy their skull for 5-7 million less than the value was 2 hours before it. It just shows what the market is doing that there is legit 10-20 players controlling a couple thousand people’s income in game based on a tag on a vanity because they have a lump some of them. i get there is the trading market and that is a side of the game but there needs to be a balance between it all. Comes to a point that we are all just playing the stock market and not the actual game, and if that’s the case I’d rather do it with actual money in real life and not a pixel on a computer.
  11. I think a update might help with the hidden abilities and dungeons if we ever get them. Those shinies might be worth a lot especially making them competitive, think Venusaur and company. Granite this will only be temporary and probably make the shinies we have now in a worse position.
  12. Anyone else getting an error trying to update that says updater.jar.temporary?
  13. The only thing that has increased is limited items and I honestly think it’s based on fear more than anything. The amount of skulls that are out there are insane. As soon as someone posted 3 orange two weekends ago people were begging to sell them for 25 and then they went back to where they are now. But it amazes me at how quickly that market can crash in an instant. And their are a few players that can do it immediately.
  14. You can legit make 300k in 2 hours max from gym runs. And then spend your time playing competitive and farming bp to sell the appropriate items.
  15. I think it was along the lines of it being pushed out a month after update on items etc. I could be wrong on it.
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