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  1. Assault Vest is a Gen 6 Items, there is no reason we should get it. As for KnockOff I sure hope they will never give us the OP KnockOff. It's a usable move in its current form, no need to make it OP.
  2. Check the sixth tab of your Pokes.
  3. In case anyone is hesitating to post rematches, I enjoy watching them a lot.
  4. It's part of the experience ;P Happened to me too. You should have started to google after the first or second one.
  5. Well, the first and obvious thing would be to level up the low level ones (and evolve Onyx!). The fastest way should be to get a Poke with Sweet Scent and and area attack (Surf for Samurott, Earthquake etc) and farm hordes. Also some moves are bad for the Elite for imo. For example Rest and Sandstorm.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but fast and friendly service, thank you! :)
  7. There must be more to it than that. Every damaging move deals x0.85-x1 damage, so your moves don't always deal the same amount of damage. But if it changes from 80% to 30%, there must be another factor. Make a sceeenshot of the battle log next time maybe. Probably some buffs/debuffs/abilities you din't pay attention to.
  8. What's wrong with Pursuit? Didn't notice anything.
  9. Send my Poke out before going to sleep, had it back in the morning. Thanks! :)
  10. You could also go for some of the obvious flaws of everyone's favourite. Like expanding it's poor movepool, or address it's useless Abilty by buffing it to quadruple the chance and maybe make it ignore Inner Focus. All it has going currently is it's amazing looks.
  11. Still upset about it every time I see my Drifblim. It's been disabled for months now. Nothing in game tells me that it's not working, just some forum thread. It's not working at all, apparently disabled because of Baton Pass and Unburden in LC (would love to hear more about it if someone knows). Sure, not the highest priority ability, but still absurd to disable it for months.
  12. Caliginosus

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    Those tags on the top left would be amazing to have!
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