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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/103562-lc-pvp-match-making/ This thread is just a few days old and pretty much answers your question. It would be great but the problem is bigger than just doubles.
  2. How does the team format actually work? I don't even get the title. =O I understand Tier 1 tournament, but how does the team aspect work, what's with the "4"?
  3. So I just had to find out that Nature Power doesn't translate to automatic Earthquake. There's no random factor or anything I'm not seeing, right? Just want to make sure I really have to dump the move.
  4. In case you don't know: You can use the move sweet scent to force horde spawns. There's guides for that in the guide section. Tentoxa hordes are good eg. because you can easily kill them with an effective Earthquake, even if your pokemon are not too high level. For speed you could maybe get a Coice Scarf.
  5. New account with an innocent profile pic and innocent posts, liked by 2 GMs. I need to get my tin foil hat!
  6. I know now, but wasn't really aware what I'd wanna do with Dusclops when I bred it, just knew I wanted one. Now I have a random Stallbreaker waiting to sometimes be picked up to kill some Chanseys and Milotics.
  7. For example Mean Look, Toxic, Seismic Toss, Rest. I run a Dusclops like that and people hate it. I understand that, because it takes time, but I don't feel too bad, because I have a clear goal with it in mind. Okay, I guess then I don't have to feel too bad. I guess I took the term Stall wrong again. Just playing to outlive everything sounds very dull indeed, even more so praying for a few good matchups.
  8. Is Stall generaly frowned upon or are you specifically talking about stalling out a match you know you can't win? I really enjoy playing slower teams, but always make sure to have some offensive components (STAB, phase+hazards, etc.). A rl friend hates on my love for stall frequently and I'm curious if that's a general opinion (not that I would change though). What about trapping with Toxic and Seismic Toss? Not cool?
  9. Depends how you wanna play it. Speed is probably one of the first to drop (except for maybe Scarf Swampert). So Probably Hp, Atk and SDef(4 Ev) (to prevent a good Download), or Init instead of SDef to win against other non invested 60 base Init Pokes (Porygon 2 eg.). Or Hp, Atk, Def for a bulky set (if you wanna run high EV investment in Def). So simply put pick your Evs and you'll know. You're probably going to get a better answer of someone who actually plays with Swampert, but I'm bored. : ]
  10. But you listed Volcarona with 148 Sdef, probably a typo then, otherwise I don't understand what you're saying. Flamethrower is 12.5% stronger than Fiery Dance, but Fiery Dance has a 50% chance for +1 Satk. Makes especially sense if you invest into bulk. Not trying to push this idea onto you, of course there's many viable ways and sets. Your welcome mate!
  11. Flamethrower seems odd on Volcarona. Have a look at Fiery Dance (or Fire Blast or w/e). I'm not too familiar with bulky Volcarona, but a SDef investment seems inefficient to me. Quiver Dance gives you Sdef and Volcarona's base Sdef is "good enough", especially compared to its Def. Or did you actually have specific Pokemon on your mind to counter with these spreads and calc them? Other than that I only have some general information for you that might be useful: We play comps on LV 50, keep that in mind when deciding for EVs (many 248 HP reccomendations on smogon are "wrong" for PokeMMO eg., like your Gengar) and IVs (due to rounding you can get away with only using 30 IVs in non invested stats, a lot of times). The only way for you to play Doubles currently is in tournaments or by finding players yourself, there's no matchmaking for it. So you might reconsider going for a hybrid single/doubles team, since you will lack certain tools in doubles, and miss power/coverage in single (I'm a doubles noob but I reckon sets are pretty different).
  12. Burn halfs your physical damage output. So you would get a 140BP facade, but with half the damage. There's pokemon with the ability Guts, which ignores the penalty from burn and boost the damage instead. /Edit Ben is correct, I forgot that Facade ignores the burn penalty.
  13. The part I quoted sounded like he's blaming the game for it. Of course I don' claim to see different sets from other players a lot. Was more talking about myself, friends and that the possibilty is definitely there. So yea, basically your last sentence is what I tried to say. Those smogon sets.. I refer to smogon a lot too, but one can often meet players who use sets that don't even make sense in PokeMMO (like things that rely on Hidden Abilities).
  14. Can you elaborate on that? Perfect IVs are not needed for comp play. The breeding system makes total sense in a MMO enviroment. And all Pokes are the same? I run several different sets of the same Pokes and come up with new ones all the time/ run into them. Sounds like a lack of creativity/research. Edit: Well, I don't really run into a lot of randoms with creative stuff, just saying the possibilty is there. Bad wording.
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