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  1. -Welcome to pokemmo. [Pc keyboard]- A button = z B button = x [Android]- A & B are transparently displayed on the screen.
  2. Hey It's been about 3 years since i last been here. (actually last seen mail in my Pc box going as far back as 800+ days) I see the game has change changed a-lot. Seeing that all of my friends that use to play are now gone. But guess i could never really stay away, So i decided to get back into it again. Pokemmo was pretty much there for whenever i was going through a-lot in my life. So at this point i just want to try to get back into the community by being supportive anyway i know how. Im rather active since i work from home so i'll be around if anyone want's to hang or battle or anything, feel free to message. -Intro from the past (Before i lost my password and info to prevent me from logging in to my old account)
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