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  1. My friend OmegaShenlong was unfairly banned since he plays PokeMMO with a controller and uses a program to make the controller run correctly in the PokeMMO they say he was Banned for using "Bots and that he trades game money for real money" which is False since if my friend sold game money for real money he would have simply sold all his Vanitys and exchanged it for real money that is something that they should also take into account that his way of playing is very mechanical since he usually play with 2 pc screens one to play PokeMMO with a controller and another to watch videos while farming since the farming methods are usually tedious, I just want you to at least check the tests and remove the ban from my friend.
  2. I Know homie, But I can't repair it like before, sorry ... because if I repair that bug, several details of the theme would break ... and the themes are based on aesthetics to repair that bug would damage the aesthetics of the theme, I will stop making themes, sorry ... Disculpa bro pero no puedo reparar este bug, si lo reparo muchas cosas que hacen unico o bonito este tema se romperian, aparte decide dejar de hacer themes lo siento...
  3. bro can you update genar theme please

  4. hermano, ¿puedes actualizar el tema de genar?

  5. La verdad no bro lo siento :( Graciaaaaas bro , por cierto sigue haciendo themes , tienes mucho talento salu2 ;)
  6. kratos me recuerdas soy JUANCHOEPYTO tu amigo de pokeMMO y te dije que pondria tu tema 7u7

  7. Muchas Gracias la verdad, Lo hice por que Mi amigo mangas quería theme de Blastoise :)
  8. Make this topic for My friend MangasTrap, Thanks for the Support bro, I hope I can help you as well as you help me;) Realice este tema para mi amigo MangasTrap, gracias por el apoyo bro, espero poder ayudarlo así como usted me ayuda;)
  9. Pues no se de alguna otra pagina las subo a google photos :( Sobre eso Sobre eso creo que no se puede modificar de momento pero dejame chequear cuando se pueda lo arreglo OK?
  10. Sorry the cursors are color modified PNG images
  11. Enserio Gracias bro por personas como tú yo realizo temas :3 Gracias gracias men puedes revisar el de Lucario que acabo de publicar xd...
  12. This topic is for me best friend ManuelReaper for being such a good friend :3 Este tema es para mí mejor amigo ManuelReaper por ser tan buen amigo :3
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2asskjSi9Po Aquí tu Respuesta men Espero disfrutes el tema :3
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