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  1. Hi, I was wondering what will happen if I buy pokemon that are over the level cap that I have. For example: I want to buy a Gyarados, but the cheapest one is at level 62 and my current cap is at 56. What will happen, the pokemon will underlevel and get to my level cap (56 in this case) and then regain its original level once the cap is over 62 or it will stay at its level and be unusable until my cap goes over 62? Thanks in advance.
  2. Put higher level caps in Unova, level 56 after beating 8 gyms it's just too low, it's the lowest of all regions; and, considering that during the battle with N, after you have beaten the Elite Four, you MUST have Zekrom at level 52, so a lower level pokemon (since all other will probably be at 56) this is even a bigger handicap. Or make N's pokemon less powerful, that's another way. Also, if you decide to not change that, at least do not make players battle with Zekrom EVERY SINGLE TIME to capture him, after N beats them. I mean, what's the point of capturing Zektom 4-5 times? It's just a waste of money (to buy pokeballs), time and patience.
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