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  1. I see your point, I didn't think of that. Maybe the suggestion michelle gave above would be better, I just think payday could give a little more xd
  2. I think if pay day gave twice as much when the move crits it would be fair since none of the pokemon who can learn it have super luck. Also "pay daying" isn't a very efficient way to earn money so maybe this could help. Thank you
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Uh, I'll be happy with more gen4 pokemon xd thank you
  4. I believe this topic has been covered many times and I'm sorry. I want to know if we will get pokemon from gen 6 and 7. Im not asking for the regions, only the pokemon like gen 4 xd if so can you give an estimative on how long it will take? Id also like to thank everyone who helped make and develop the game and I understand that these things take time.
  5. Oh also, does using the type gems reduce my IV's?
  6. hey! I think I've read somewhere that hidden power could be physical here. Is this true?
  7. Hey guys I really wanna go for the glaceon vanilluxe combo but I'm not sure of what nature would be the best for my vanilluxe Have in mind that my glaceon will have a timid nature and a choice scarf I think timid could be better because I want to keep it alive but I'm interested in you guys opinions ps: if you have any suggestions for what held Item I should get for vanilluxe I would also appreaciate it xd
  8. I'm sorry for taking so long to answer but what do you think about choice scarf since her spc attack is already great but she's lacking speed. That way barrier and substitute would be useless and I would have space for shadow ball and other moves.
  9. Hmm I didn't know synchronoise worked like that but it did seem too powerful for 100% accuracy. I plan on having other pokemon for hail xd thank you!
  10. As a glaceon enthusiast I'd like some help from the veterans of pokemon. Two different move pools I had in mind were: Synchronoise Frost breath Ice shard Ice beam/blizzard This one I thought would be good for the fighting type coverage. The other move set was Frost breath Barrier Substitute Ice shard The plan here was to use substitute then barrier to better deal with mostly dragon types. What do you guys think is best? Obviously I'm open to different movesets. Thank you :)
  11. Thats kind of why I wanted shuckle in the first place. I love his derpy look. But I do think ferrothorn is better. Thanks ;3
  12. I'm trying to decide between shuckle of ferrothorn for my team. Even tho ferrothorn has more attack and health and also resists more types than shuckle he doesn't have as much of a def and spc def. I'd like your opions on which is the best tank! Thank you ^^
  13. I have like 200k right now xD I'm still finishing emerald then I'll farm more, but I'll probably buy one as soon as I can :3
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