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  1. StockholmCyclist

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    I am quitting for good, wanted to say goodbye this way so I reach everyone. Was a lot of fun!
  2. StockholmCyclist

    A cyclists OU UU NU shop

    - deleted everything that was sold - added OU and UU comps - highlighted relevant egg moves - added prices. You can of course try to talk me into rabates, but I consider these prices as fair.
  3. StockholmCyclist

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    It appears to me that, such a small adjustment will benefit many players. I never thought of buying an amnesia brace using rp, but maybe ill consider it for ingame currency.
  4. StockholmCyclist

    A cyclists OU UU NU shop

    Some of the stuff is quite weird, but perfect to surprise ur opponent! The stuff with rather uncompetitive IV`s is of course very cheap. Every pokemon is fully ev trained. Just PM me with offers on forums or ingame StockholmCyclist. OU timid lucario 31/x/31/31/31/31 vacuum wave, dark pulse, nasty plot, aura sphere offer modest pelipper 30/x/28/31/30/31 uturn, hydropump, surf, hurricane 600k modest kingdra 27/x/27/31/27/31 surf, dragon pulse, hydro pump, draco meteor 525k adamant kabutops 25/30/25/x/27/30 waterfall, aquajet, swords dance, rock slide 450k calm dragonite 26/x/29/25/29/28 roost, thunderwave, dragontail, hurricane 225k adamant gyarados 30/28/28/x/27/31 waterfall, crunch, ddance, hurricane 285k impish ferrothorn 31/30/30/x/31/13 powerwhip, stealthrock, thunderwave, leech seed 450k jolly haxorus 27/31/28/x/27/31 dragondance, taunt, dual chop, superpower 500k UU jolly Scrafty 31/30/29/x/29/30 drain punch, ice punch, crunch, dragon dance 525k adamant azumarill 28/29/27/x/27/30 bellydrum, superpower, waterfall, aquajet 375k NU jolly swellow 27/30/27/x/26/30 facade, bravebird, uturn, quick attack 400k timid probopass 30/x/31/28/24/28 flashcannon, stealth rock, earthpower, voltswitch 300k naughty cincinno 27/31/24/x/26/31 uturn, tailslap, bullet seed, rock blast 400k jolly scolipede 27/30/30/x/18/28 rock slide, eq, megahorn, toxic 150k adamant hitmonchan 28/28/29/x/26/24 drain punch, thunderpunch, icepunch, mach punch 200k

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