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  1. That was the plan. I'd consider buying fire types from other regions if the gyms prove too difficult though
  2. How hard would Misty be with just charmeleon?
  3. What do you guys think is the best implemented region to start a fire-type mono run playthrough in?
  4. I'm not expecting it, just looking for people's estimates. But not a fan of Sinnoh at all.
  5. Underground & dungeons could be fun, if they don't do this stupid link thing
  6. Kalos never. They shouldn't add anything after gen 5 imho
  7. Time to put your guesses in as to when johto will arrive :P
  8. I seriously hope not, I love this game!
  9. Ah okay. If it's still down in an hour, might just go to bed haha
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