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  1. Onto new horizons.

    See you Space Cowboy.


  2. I kinda agree with op, this really bad choice seems like a way to hamper the game rather than improve it. What if a new player needs help? Perhaps a channel for new bois would be a good idea going forward instead of the quite moronic exclusion of new players in chat?
  3. What do you hate? (Please keep all conversations in this thread civil and not spiteful to any members of our community, might I remind you that harassment is against tos. Thanks.) Hello my name is Scarlett. A while back (like 3 or so years) I clearly recall a thread detailing things we hate about, well anything. So I decided in my wisdom to make a thread about it. I for one hate when you are in line for about an hour or two at a post office or burger joint and it's just about closing time. You are at the end of the line and when they get to you they just shoo you off saying they're closed. I mean yea I can just eat at another burger joint but that's the good one. Please tell me what ruffles your feathers?
  4. I think you should play Final Fantasy XIV or another mmo with marriage included. But in all seriousness the being able to teleport to your desired spouse actually sounds like a good feature. If this could be done for something along the lines of a player referring their friend that would be quite cool although that brings certain complications to the table like teleporting your friend to the elite four when they have 1 badge. I do think this is a rad as heck idea though and should be added to, perhaps other bonuses should arise if you are in the same vicinity as your marriage partner? For example a slight increase to exp gain, shiny rates and acquired evs from successfully koing an enemy creature. All in all a good idea but needs some refining. Keep up the good work.
  5. Eh? Aight Ima give it a shot even if that wasn't directed at me. I started watching Gintama recently which has been super hecking good.
  6. Ciao, good luck in the future.
  7. How do you star with a generation 2 pokemon? You dream or buy one off the gts or if you like I could just trade you a gen 2 starter? I'd be happy to oblige.
  8. Yea I know right? She's too badass to be a supporting character for Bats or someone all the time. Her design is so rad, although that said my favorite dc girl is Rocket Girl cause she looks neat and rides a rocket. It really is the manga/anime has stood the test of time for sure. I wonder if/when it'll end?
  9. Truuue, I quite like Harley as a character way more so than Joker. It does also have Zatanna and she's super heckin cool!
  10. But Marvel has Squirrel girl.
  11. Eh really? Ima watch it then. Oh I wanna add my favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop.
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