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  1. I would like a lot, but Citra, which is the best 3DS Emulator, doesn't work very well on any PC, especially because the ROMs are heavy, the reality is that PokeMMO only implements a new region if you are sure that it will run without any lag, being that most PCs run PokeMMO, including 32-bit ones.
  2. Nick: Reshido Em um Jantar Sombrio com um amigo! :D :
  3. Cool, congratulations on doing your part, keep it up as the community can grow and the game can improve. Pokémon has a lot of fans, but it has no official MMORpg, and the PokeMMO model would be cool for those who know it, but you need to get the info to them.
  4. Yes, in chat it is possible to silence languages, it is a good feature, I not only use it because I can more or less communicate with those who speak English and Spanish, but other languages I silence.
  5. Yes, you're right. For small communities of some, the solution could be to team up with other communities that speak the same language. As they already do Global Chat (PT) where is Portuguese and Brazilian, among others. And in some ways the Chinese have a certain advantage because they are numerous. That's why I had suggested that the criterion be language / region. But should the community grow, surely my suggestion in the future may be viable. In Matchmaking I believe it was an exaggeration, thanks for commenting and explaining it to me. You are right anyway.
  6. Note: After reading comments, I see that this separation is unnecessary, so I have a new suggestion that is simpler: Customize Global Chat tabs to have a Global of a different language in each tab.
  7. Money itself is just the numbers, the important thing is the exchange of favors or needs. Do you want to bring the middle age barter to the MMO? The difference is that we don't have to look for something valuable in common with the person because they already have it, which is money. I am not asking to be the same as GameFreak, but to be more SIMILAR.
  8. I agree in part with what you're saying, because GameFreak's Pokémon also have Multiplayer mechanics for Link Trade and Link Battle.
  9. These changes from Lucky Egg and Amulet Coin are an insult to our dignity as players! STAFF People, Are you trying to kill the game? It was no longer easy to farm in the Gym because of the Player's time-stealing puzzles, and NPCs that give little money on some routes with the item being ultra durable, now with the consumable item it's going to be more complicated than ever to keep money in this game. Because the item's uptime will be spent for various reasons depending on each player, this is very unfair. Me PokeMMO is not an Official GameFreak game, however the fun of Pokemmo was to b
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