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  1. 10/10 The breed / EV training was done within 24 hours. Amazing guy. I'm for sure gonna be buying more later on. Got a few special orders ;)
  2. IGN:Drakebane Pokemon: Scizor Egg Moves: Naw Fam. Just need that standard B Punch IVs: 3x31 , 2x25 EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 SpD Nature: Adamant Mailed the money + the Ball I want it in. Side Note: Seems like a great guy. Will post another comment on this topic when the breeding is done. I got high hopes for this looking at the 4 pages of positive comments.
  3. | IGN:Drieza | Story Name: Execute Order Pelipper | Word Count: 518 |
  4. Yeah, I'll take it. I just thought you were very busy. I'll just edit my post again.
  5. Hey, [ReEdit] Thought you would be busy with alot Signatures. Name: Drake Team Tag: None Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Mikasa Ackerman Render (Optional): Up to you Theme Colors: Black and Red Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: No, Thank you. Donation: 300k Additional information: Will be using it for MMO Forums and other forums. If that's alright.
  6. Here's my opinion as just another player in this MMO. What's the point? It's basically just more work for the staff team. More bugs they would have to fix, More information they need to gather. In the end, Wouldn't it be better just to get on your good looking salamance and fly to said person/place?
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