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  1. I know it is more work, but maybe it will interest other teams to participate and try to get a place in league B. It would be something to think about next year, if it continues at this rate of enrollment.
  2. I believe that a long-term thought would be to create two TTs, A and B, with access slots from B to A. Using your leaderboard. on different days.
  3. Team Name: Stratégie Team Tag: TWST Registered Players: Jarek, FabianoBR, LordWolfBR, YsgramorOAnao, Dudyanha, StormSAO, OldestJoa. Team Captain: OldestJoa.
  4. Team name: Stratégie Team TAG: TWST Registered Players: Jarek, StormSAO, Zolakh, LordWolfBR, Guapeca, Juzesilvaa, Fuinnha, OldestJoa. Team Captain: OldestJoa
  5. [TWST] Team Name: Stratégie Team Tag: TWST Registered Players: Dudyanha, YsgramorOAnao, LordWolfBR, JoseSilvaa, Zolakh, Kayousuke, Jarek, Guapeca, Fulnha, Reshido, eoMatheuZ, OldestJoa. Team Captain: OldestJoa
  6. Title: Gengar, do you see how you jump?? If you kick you will be able to use High Jump Kick.. IGN: OldestJoa
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