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  1. Since many Chinese young people are exposed to this game, but the price has dropped rapidly, and because the “great gold beads” can be picked up, it will also lead to the depreciation of gold coins. It is recommended to cancel the output of huge gold beads, star sand and other items, and recommend to Chinese players. Sorting, for example: no "donors" can't play games
  2. Well managed, I'm a Chinese player, and it's well known that the influx of Chinese players has caused problems for many foreign players, such as a serious price decline and an increase in cheaters, so I hope that the government will still like before, only those who donate their mobile phones for 30 days can play on their mobile phones. In addition, there has been a major update recently, but there is still no real hidden feature, which has caused trouble for us players to do 5V or 6V, I hope that the hidden features can be used to buy props to change the mall coupons, of course, I hope not to be too popular, because Chinese players have always liked to pull prices instantly. Low. A proposal to recharge 1500 yuan per month
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