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  1. I'm pretty sure this feature was already in the game sometime ago and was taken out. I'm just trying to bring it back in.
  2. Didn't we used to have an option to where when you right click a player, click duel, and have an option to where you can bet money and whoever wins gets all the money that was bet? Example: I make a 100k bet and if that player has 100k and accepts the duel, whoever wins gets 200k. The reason I've made this suggestion was because I like chilling with team members and friends and just battling each other in places like verm or 4 Island but I would like an option that would make casual player-made matches even more fun. I would say that people can just say they bet 100k or so in
  3. That's not the point i was trying to make. I was talking about items that Pokemon can actually use in battle like berries. Also, I never said anything about regular player battles. I said, regular player-MADE battles. Yeah I get it. People make mistakes we are not all perfect beings in this world. I "Forgot" and this is just a suggestion. There is really nothing else you can say here because you have made your point. Yes I know but I thought it would be cool to have a number of uses you can use consumable items in competitive battles rather than it being consumed
  4. Yeah I see what you mean. Forgot about items on gtl are posted by people who spend their hard earned time getting those items.
  5. I opened 61 Goodie Bags and 10 Pumpking Goodie Bags and what's in the video was the outcome^^^ Edit: Best Items I got were x3 ecto googles (1 off film) And x2 Ghosts Particles from pumpking bag
  6. It is really irritating when something like your lum berry or gem gets consumed on use in battles. Can you make it to where after battles, the items that were consumed are restored?
  7. "He's now able to counter any strategy. There's no use in battling him now. He cannot be beaten." We all know who to blame now lol.
  8. This playlist will list all the videos I have made over grinding goodie bags. Enjoy :D
  9. Mirror Coat one shot it before they removed it which was part of the buff. And other things ofc.
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