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  1. Let's play together!! o/
  2. Hi! Welcome :3 hope you enjoy the game.
  3. Welcome back and congratulations :)
  4. The New content is amazing! Finally finished EV training 5 pokemon of my first comp. Need a break haha tired
  5. Hi, I've decided to play again after seeing how awesome the app is. Since my cellphone is better than my notebook (T.T) it became the perfect time to say hi to my old Pokemon and find new friends in the game. So I starting to re-learn how to breed Pokemon and I am also EV training for the first time. My focus is just to have fun while building up a decent team to make some cash and breed more comps. So, if you wanna be friends with me, just say "hello" in-game: Nick: Edeonor :):):):):):):):)
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