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  1. How do you plan to win a week if you don't win your duels XD
  2. most of those mons are hit and run and it has already been seen in previous metas that's garbage
  3. In-Game Name: Irisdina Country: México Preferred Tiers: All
  4. Imagine thinking that nu players are creative, when they only spam leads and 5 randoms sweepers
  5. Team Name: CoreSeven Team Tag: CØRË Registered Players: JossueCR, Vosfijate, Velociraptorl, INTELL, thenavarro, Irisdina, TRUZDELL, xSofydelufyxx, KokenoCastro, ByronerAJNG, Cheslon, Rodrigosalas, Depositario. Team Captain: JossueCR
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