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  1. Team Name: RedMarkWarrior Team Tag: RmW Registered Players: Busso, BasaraTojo, JasonSparrowX, DarkQuiller, Zheecat, Itell, anggelo, optimus, Edgarcito, lokiiD Team Captain: JasonSparrowX
  2. ING. BasaraTojo Rotom-Heat Garchomp Hitmontop Kingdra Togekiss Ferrothorn
  3. I would like to have a mod like this.
  4. Muy bueno Philp. sigue así me gustaría ver uno del tipo fuego
  5. Team name: Lobossolitario Registered players: XxLoneyWolfxX / Jiyllvalentiyne
  6. The same as Christmas, the time of the tournament for GMT players is dinner time and if it ends it new year, It would be better the day before.
  7. Hello, how can I change my name in the forum because in the game I changed my name?
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