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  1. Oh, that's sad ;-; ,but thank you very much for answering s2. (Also, could you tell me what ''SRIF''' stands for? e_e, english is not my first language and I can't find the meaning anywhere )
  2. I want to get a shiny corsola, but I just can't find where the horde is. The pokédex says it's ''Underwater'' but there's many underwater places ;-;. Does anyone know where it is? I'd really appreciate it <3
  3. ah ok, thanks for answering <3 :v
  4. I was going to battle against my friend today when a message appeared saying that I was breaking the Encore clause. I didn't even know there was an encore clause. Why was it added anyways? Is it going to disappear after some time? ( english is not my first language ;-; )
  5. Is it possible to get the Villa from the guy in the Resort Area?
  6. The team system really needs some changes, it's just kinda forgotten and not very optimized. I really liked your suggestions, upvoted.
  7. Nice, thank you very much for answering
  8. I read somewhere here that the national dex wasn't obtainable. But now that we can ressurect fossils, is it obtainable? And do we need to only see the pkmn or is it necessary to catch/own them?
  9. Ah, cool. Thanks for answering s2
  10. How exactly does honey gather work? Do I have to walk around or defeat pokémon?
  11. Everytime I try to create a character, it just doesn't work it keeps showing me: ''Invalid Player Appearance Data'' bug pic: https://prnt.sc/qe2p2s
  12. No, I already downloaded the Gen 6 sprite mod, it's much better now, but thank you very much for offering <3
  13. How do I put a video here? ;-;
  14. Open Lanturn's summary and try looking at its light bulbs ;-;. It's a horrible experience ;-;
  15. The only one I have installed is the Gen 5 Followers mod
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