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  1. Is there any way to apply themes to the Android version?
  2. Icons are pushed out of the box in pokedex and entry everywhere. Please check.
  3. It's not working in latest version client. plz update... I love this theme...
  4. "Surf" has no effect in battle check plz
  5. hmm... i think it work only one pokemon encounter. my case is horde encounter.
  6. ok. ((6650 - 6080) / 6080) * 100 = 9.375% so not 2.5% and not 25% then donate ticket is imposture right? because it says +25% exp.
  7. donate ticket says +25% exp. when i use it, it gave to me +2.5% exp. before 5900~6080 exp after 6450~6650 exp where is 25% exp?
  8. this is not working at lastest version. plz update...
  9. if iShiny Charm in pokeMMO, where can I get it?
  10. I wanna find white theme but there is no white theme... plz help me... if you give me old version pokemmo file then i can make white theme. if you have plz send it to my e-mail [email protected]
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