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  1. HandsomeLooker1492

    Has the remach system changed?

    Exact 6 hours. Nothing has changed on rematching npcs except the gym leaders etc.
  2. HandsomeLooker1492

    Has the remach system changed?

    You have probably rematched him already or 24 hours haven't passed yet. Last 7 days ago I rechallenge the celadon gym leader and she said I changed my pokemon's ability "cut" and said that she doesn't watch to battle.
  3. HandsomeLooker1492

    Lavender Ghost Events!

    I didn't order creepypastas
  4. HandsomeLooker1492

    How do I farm special berries?

    Thanks, I'll start gardening now.
  5. HandsomeLooker1492

    How do I farm special berries?

    Special berries that removes a Pokemon's Ev by 10. What seeds do I need? How do I find them?
  6. HandsomeLooker1492

    Is there any hotkey to click on the pokemon?

    I don't think so, right clicking it I guess is the only option.
  7. HandsomeLooker1492

    Review some hordes spot

    Hoarding is fun especially when they are uncommon or rare and if they are annoying to catch and the chances are really low.
  8. HandsomeLooker1492

    Post your phenomenon spots here

    Is there a pokemon in the shaking grass?
  9. HandsomeLooker1492

    Spam fix

    If a person spams too often he/she should have its timer reset with a plus 10 to prevent him from overchatting.
  10. HandsomeLooker1492

    Stupid lock out time for incorrect login too long

    You should "remember me" your login so you don't have to type it out and also remember your password so you won't forget it.
  11. HandsomeLooker1492


    that's what people do, they add random numbers in their account or make random names.
  12. HandsomeLooker1492


    Who the hell is Xatu? A pokemon or a person. If you hate Xatu so much why blame it on me?
  13. HandsomeLooker1492


    1 It's not cool and funny, the joke is disgusting and rude.

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