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  1. HandsomeLooker1492

    When will they add Gen 4?

    Sorry the game/server got bored and decided to not play it.
  2. HandsomeLooker1492

    Breloom strategy

    Go to island 2 in kanto and reteach it spores and you need mushrooms to reteach it as payment.
  3. HandsomeLooker1492

    Long-Term Investment Spooktacular!

    All of them are valuable and the more value the item is depending on player's typing.
  4. HandsomeLooker1492

    Can't see the animations of my spells.

    Hydro Pump, scald, etc.
  5. HandsomeLooker1492

    Appreciation thread

    I appreciate the game too. Thanks for making it To the developers.
  6. HandsomeLooker1492

    Berries die during maintenance?

    But I don't think it will die. It will just stay there if you water it enough.
  7. HandsomeLooker1492

    Berries die during maintenance?

    The time isn't paused because it's the global time but in-game idk what I knew was I finished all the gyms and npcs in four hours and the server was offline and went online again and started talking to the gym leader again and all of them are available to re battle.
  8. HandsomeLooker1492

    NU Matchmaking

    They all play Overused and half and a quarter of Pokemmo users just farm and breed than play PVP and earn bps.
  9. HandsomeLooker1492

    Altering Cave

    They're disabled. Mareep can be found in Safari zone in Hoenn Aipom also pineco also but they're also in Altering cave Shuckle is in Safari zone Houndour is in safarizone I guess it's disabled or considered as rare.
  10. HandsomeLooker1492

    Altering Cave

    They're always 100% but it's a 11% chance of finding the specific Pokemon
  11. HandsomeLooker1492

    Ban for Porygon-Z

    In case you don't know how to play Porygon Z - One set of nasty plot and tri attack and then just keep spamming it. paralyze, freeze and burn can occur which is broken in Overused also porygon can max def and special attack. Also I forgot to put he has 'two moe slots left,it can add focus blast and ice beam' next time think before you do say poop.
  12. HandsomeLooker1492

    What are the difference between Pokemmo and the maingames?

    In one word, Balance.
  13. HandsomeLooker1492

    Ban for Porygon-Z

    One set of nasty plot one hits everything even specially defensive tanks
  14. HandsomeLooker1492

    Misoperation of trading bank

    Try posting it in the support request so they can solve it with other problems players deal.

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