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  1. if you open your trainer card it shows you your level cap. i could see a upgrade where it would show you the lvl cap of all regions for you instead of just the current one. on the flip side lvl 57 can be used in hoenn elite 4 so store those in your bank for now.
  2. i been doing some experimentation and i think there 2 tables active at once. one that sends directly to your inventory and one that sends to your pokemon. and if you have something equipped it will not draw from the second table. currently did about 15 battles with item and about 20 without small sample size may not be accurate.
  3. today in the global chat a small discussion happened with conflicting answers. someone asked if a pokemon having a equipped item causes the loot table from pick up to be limited. i never had a item equipped on my pick up-er so i was not even aware you could pick up with something equipped. the community responded with mix messages. some said you can't pick up if you have a item equipped (i checked and you can pick up with a equipped item) some said it only effects what you can pick up depending on the route your on. (what route and is this true?) some said no it does not matter now i am curious as silk scarf meowth would make his job a lot easier.
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't have any shinies so maybe il do it and just sell my team and rebuild it. Il be able to feel Ritch for a little bit that way. But it Going to be a harder decision now.
  5. So now that we have the ability to delete old characters I been thinking about switching to one of my older names. What happens to the OT of any pokemon you have with you as there OT? Do they stay the same? switch to the new one or become unknown OT? Do you have to leave and rejoin your team? Or can you stay in it and just change your name? What happens to your friends list?
  6. it a mod not a game. you require the game to play it. i am not a lawyer but my understanding of copyright law in most contries generally breaks down to 3 main rules when it comes to mods. -as long as they don't use assets from other games or products and can't be nailed for copyright infringement they should be ok -as long as they avoid having illegal content in the mod they should be ok. -as long as they don't sell the mod for a profit they should be ok. the mod runs on donation you don't have to pay for it. the mod assets they add that not in one of the 4 games roms you need are custom sprites that don't quite look like what you think it is. and is likely why they don't make there own sprites for the pokemon in the game that can't follow you. there custom team magma uniform compared to what team magma uniform should look like more or less as a example.
  7. Akubi


    it in the works but no ETA for now that i saw. if i had to take a guess id say it won't be here for a few months at minimum.
  8. i can get 1.0 to work but i cant seem to get 1.1 to work. i tried renaming the .zip to .mod but pokemmo will not detect the .mod pack_mod_Di3s3l.mod
  9. i fell for it to just a warning this thing as not been updated sense 2013 and dose not seem to work. was hoping i could make the text bigger with it but clearly it way out of date. seems the mod index is not kept up to date.
  10. i feel pretty dumb having to ask the forums but how to you make the text bigger? i play in window mode (maximized) on 4k resolution and the text is big enough to read but small enough that it hurts the eyes. i pooked around in the settings and did a few searches but cant figure it out.
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