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  1. To be fair we kind of stopped giving a shit once Siege, Jorcal and myself won a Masters Invite. We only participated in the Team Tournys at the start to keep us busy until the next update came about.
  2. Hey bb, you miss me

  3. I'm just fuckin' with ya man. Also, I don't know about that. I think you'd have a more difficult time honestly. But maybe you wouldn't, who knows. Shame the community has completely died off in the past few months.
  4. I, too, remember once when there was more than 3 good teams for you to actually have to play competitively against. Now its just a bunch of random teams with 0 talent/skill and you.
  5. I have an idea.   Stop Official Tournaments altogether.   Huzzah!
  6. What in the fuck kind of mess did I just come back to...
  7. Better Suggestion:   30-40 "Achievements". Ranging from easy to highly difficult.   On each player's Trainer Card instead of the back being blank (since we can't "sign" them) you choose which of the Achievements you want to display on it. Allow for other people to right click your sprite, view your Trainer Card and see what Achievement you're most proud of and display.   On top of that, every 5-10 Achievements your Trainer Card increases in "Title". From Beginner to Pro.
  8. ChrisChris


    I would say title instead of label, just because people want the ability to change that somewhat later in the future.   As far as listing with checkboxes, that might be a little tricky. I know players would have a hard time after a while using the same symbols to differentiate what is supposed to be what, although it wouldn't be hard to implement physically, but it ruins the one thing about your memory, retained knowledge. I'm still increasing my memory capability every day that might make this entire idea a bit redundant and I can simply look at a piece of paper in front of me. With that right there and without clicking additional buttons its perfect, and I have that timely advantage.   I'm sure they plan to expand PokeDex more and more. Adding list icons like circles, dots, arrows, for example. So this may probably be added eventually.
  9.   Post a thread. I don't have that TS to participate but would like to see the discussion at the least. Wouldn't mind partaking in some fashion.
  10.   Problem is the NU list he's using is clearly broken and missing key components as far as Pokemon not considered/known at the time. Its going to be an absolute mess and Hell for those participating. As far as "give it a few months" goes, you don't need to do that at all. Post a thread. Direct competitive player traffic to that topic to discuss the list, give it a week or two and that list will take credible shape much like the OU/BL list did. Let it evolve, grow and be created naturally rather than by sudden force without discussion.       I demand compensation for my Tournament win. Give me another Shiny Spinarak to even it out with those damn Shiny Starters/Eevees for clearly lower classed tournaments (no offense Staff, but come on. Everyone knows the Lightweight/Doubles/FnFs/Heavyweight tournaments are the "premiere" tournament you have going everyone wants in on).
  11. It'd probably be better for you all to just create a new thread (ditch the old one. Just lock it and trash it) and start directing traffic into there. Hell, throw out some in-game Announcements during Tournaments or what not "to check out the NU, UU and OU/BL tier lists in the forums and provide feedback" so you ensure familiar, common competitive players seeing it and going there to participate in it.   Also. To whoever it was (I don't wanna go back and find who it was) that said the Shinies for the Masters Tournys are terrible and the gimmick Tournys are getting high end valued Shinies. Thank you. I'll come out and say I was a bit more than annoyed that I won a Shiny Spinarak and then less than a month later Shiny Starters/Eevees/One-Of-A-Kind Story Pokes started being given out for non-Masters Tournys. That was very frustrating for me and turned me off a bit from even playing. I ask for the Staff to re-think the way they pick Prizes for Tournys and not to randomize it anymore. Its clearly unfair. Create a list of common Shinies if you have to then randomize one from that list. Not the entire Pokedex as it seems that is what it is done currently. Though I could be incorrect.
  12. Can I have everything handed to me because I'm lazy and don't wanna play the game myself? Shiny Brush, Perfect 31 IV Pokemon, Pokemon From Gen IV-VI and maybe throw in a Lucky Egg so I don't feel like I'm being ripped off?
  13. [quote name='Feravyne' timestamp='1361768127' post='209735'] I think Frank is a great name for a Shellder. At least you gave him a name. [size=2]I really hope it's a him.[/size] [/quote] Its not.
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