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  1. There are only 5 legendary ''catchables'', they can be captured but only temporarily, Mewtwo, Rayquaza and Arceus are just a few. Note that you can capture it, but another player can fight a duel and, if you win, the legendary remains, after a while the legendary gets bored and leaves.
  2. But at the moment of getting a "worker" you will have the information of said person and thus you will know who he is, in addition, that is why the requirement of 300 hours played is requested, to avoid that someone with a newly created account, tried to disturb, also we could also make you only take 1 job at a time.
  3. But the idea is based on adding this to the game as something "official", I try to replace this with the Trade Corner. I don't have the statistics but I think the activity in the game is much higher than the one in the forum. Also, spending on vitamins and rare candies is very expensive.
  4. Hi. Why not add a section of jobs / orders?. That is, you could add a section for style orders: I want this pokemon to be raised to level 100. or I want 252 Attack Evs and 252 Hp to upload. It could work like this. The client puts said pokemon that he wants the Evs to raise, the amount he pays for it and the time he wants it. The worker takes the work and uploads the Evs, once the work is finished, the pokemon will return, the system will have previously registered the pokemon, at the time of returning it the system will verify that the pokemon is the same that occurred from the beginning and if this it is fulfilled, automatically the worker will be paid. How to make the system register the pokemon?. We will use the same GTL system, when we press in advanced search, it gives us the option of how many ivs we want it to have, that is, that somehow the system knows how to detect the ivs that a pokemon has, and if we do this same but with the evs?, I mean, when you put the pokemon you want them to upload, this section will give you to select: What do you want to upload? and there we will put how many evs we want or at what level we want them to deliver it to us, once this pokemon has been published, the system will register it as requested and only accept it back if it meets what was asked of it. How to prevent my pokemon from being stolen? I am sure that many of you are already denying this idea for fear that our Pokemon will be stolen or that they will try to return us with different things than what we ask for. Well, to be a worker you will have to meet the following requirements: - 300 hours played. - Verification of a mod or other game admins. - Have completed at least one region. How to do this?. To be a worker you will have to do a questionnaire before and be accepted by a mod. In the event of any type of scam, the client may report the worker and he will be banned. In this way the probability of scams will be greatly reduced. I think it would be a great complement for people who do not have enough time to climb Evs or level up, and for others to get money in a simple way. I am willing to answer any type of question about this, I am sure that I will forget something so surely someone will find something negative, but I will find a way to solve it. In case the idea is accepted by the developers, if you like it could help by giving more plugins for this idea. I know what I just said is not easy to do, but it is something that I have been thinking about for a long time and wanted to make it known.
  5. It would be good that after passing the league you can pass it again but that of the competitive league option and this will contain the pokemon with 4x31 or 5x31 ivs and with competitive strategies, style pachirisu kills dragons. It would be better for those who want a greater challenge.
  6. surely it is because some movements and abilities are not fully implemented
  7. Surely they have been doing it but I will also ask, why do not they eliminate abandoned accounts? I would say that it would be a waste of time and it is better to implement more things, but sometimes it comes out of the server when I am in battles and it is a bit annoying. but hey, it's just my opinion
  8. But if we think about it, it's better to have a new region, because the movements of unova are not yet complete, or the skills, the new pokemon if it has a good point, but what else gives me a bit of intrigue to know why they can not finish them ... But as I said before I do not want to insult anyone's work, and I think we should appreciate that we have an RPG MMO Pokemon. :)
  9. That happens when you try to write very fast to send it before ... Haha
  10. I do not intend to judge anyone's work, but in my experience there are more fans of Jhoto than Unova, but well, they are doing a good job.
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