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  1. It would be good that after passing the league you can pass it again but that of the competitive league option and this will contain the pokemon with 4x31 or 5x31 ivs and with competitive strategies, style pachirisu kills dragons. It would be better for those who want a greater challenge.
  2. surely it is because some movements and abilities are not fully implemented
  3. Surely they have been doing it but I will also ask, why do not they eliminate abandoned accounts? I would say that it would be a waste of time and it is better to implement more things, but sometimes it comes out of the server when I am in battles and it is a bit annoying. but hey, it's just my opinion
  4. But if we think about it, it's better to have a new region, because the movements of unova are not yet complete, or the skills, the new pokemon if it has a good point, but what else gives me a bit of intrigue to know why they can not finish them ... But as I said before I do not want to insult anyone's work, and I think we should appreciate that we have an RPG MMO Pokemon. :)
  5. That happens when you try to write very fast to send it before ... Haha
  6. I do not intend to judge anyone's work, but in my experience there are more fans of Jhoto than Unova, but well, they are doing a good job.
  7. Español: Me Gustaria Saber Por Que Cuando Miro El Pokemon De Una Persona En Su OT Venta Desconocida OT, Pense Que Tal Vez Eran Cuentas Eliminadas O Cosas Asi, Pero Entre Mas Pokemones Miraba Mas Desconocida OT Salian Y Siempre Eran Shinys Con 6 Ivs , Despues Pense Que Eran De Evento Pero Seria Muy Raro Que Tuviera Ese OT. Inglés: Me gustaría saber por qué cuando miro los Pokémon de una persona en su OT OT Unknown OT, pensé que tal vez eran cuentas borradas o cosas por el estilo, pero entre más Pokémon me veía más Desconocido OT Salieron y fueron siempre Shinys con 6 Ivs , entonces pensé que eran de Evento, pero sería muy raro tener ese OT.
  8. My question is if they are going to put it at some point Haha, is that it looks out Hoenn without leaving Jhoto Then Unova The technique of PokeMMO is skipping a region?
  9. Tienen Pensado Poner Jhoto? Have You Thought About Putting Jhoto?
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