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    [PSL X] Week One

    #andsoitbegins#threehostshosting#smwasrobbed#gbghosthost#whoishaazuu#zebraandpbjnowfriends#linkenvskamiroundtwo#eljajacoolio#vgcvgcvgc#lchype#overbenched#jjtocheap#deadstyle#enchanteuruseimposter# League Standings and Schedule: https://challonge.com/fr/plsxnx League Rosters and Statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F43R651WbcWsy1o6Qu5ged1lksPpqfCQ06sUJJQPJGI/edit?ts=5b9dbeb9#gid=0 PSL X Week One has begun! As a reminder: SPORTSMANSHIP: BATTLES: SUBSTITUTIONS: SCHEDULING A MATCH: Red Scale (0) vs Tactless Tangela (0) OU: Stairway vs ZhikoDark OU: Schuchty vs StriderXD UU: Axellgor vs xSparkie UU: yangsam vs DestructX NU: Risadex vs Butlerrrr Dubs: Zigh vs RealDevilLegend LC: YettoDie vs Suneet DPP OU: XPLOZ vs gunthug Strawhats (0) vs The Dank Express (0) OU: kiwikidd vs EVLGOON OU: abstractt vs kimikozen UU: Moisessss vs BurntZebra UU: Kizhaz vs LeJovi NU: ZDFire vs DoubleJ Dubs: Roxxass vs DoctorPBJ LC: yosoyarca vs Goldeneyes DPP OU: Elcoolio vs KaynineXL The Cackling Cacturnes (1) vs VGC (0) OU: Suigin vs SpartacusGD OU: MadaraSixSix vs NecroskullDark UU: Lotus vs Aftershocker UU: EpicVerde vs Wiriketchup NU: Titinn vs Calidustep Dubs: AxLKGhost vs iJulianFNT LC: xRosee vs OrangeManiac DPP OU: SweetForU vs NikhilR Transformers, Assemble! (1) vs KIENZANGOOSE (2) OU: Pitzzin vs Titoooo OU: JRyuk vs Aerun UU: Mlhawk vs gbwead UU: enchanteur vs villadelobos NU: AurumPegasus vs Sebat Dubs: Artemiseta vs EfronX LC: Lazaaro vs Jaawax DPP OU: Linken vs Kamimiii Deadline Sunday, 30th of September at 3 am UTC - 4 am BST - 11 PM EDT Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP! Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread at least 10 minutes before it starts. Showdown players remember to provide replays. All in-game battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.
  2. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Annoucement: Congratulations to the eight managers for their auction. >> Clic Here << for the PSLX Season Spreadsheet Now moving forward, the players listed below have been listed as "Captain" by their managers. Forfiter - OrangeManiac Haazuu - Yosoyarca Havsha - SweetForU Kriliin - Gbwead LifeStyle - LeJovi MaeKaaay - Axellgor Pachima - Enchanteur PredaKiller - ZhikoDark A link to the PSL Weekly Bracket: https://challonge.com/fr/plsxnx Managers, please submit your rosters to a host at your earliest convenience. Week One starts on the 24th of september.
  3. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Announcement: The following tiers/formats have been chosen for the PSL X Season PokeMMO OU PokeMMO OU PokeMMO UU PokeMMO UU PokeMMO NU PokeMMO Doubles PokeMMO LC Showdown DPP OU LC has been added. Since we now have access to Eviolite, the tier seems more interesting. SM OU will not replace DPP OU this season; A pool was created in the Hype thread and the community was really divided, so it was incredibly difficult to choose which showdown tier will be played. Following all the high quality DPP player sign ups, the hosts decided to keep DPP OU this season.
  4. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Announcement: After discussing with the managers we have decided to push back the player sign up deadline to the 14th (11pm EST), in order to hold the auction on discord during the 15th at 7PM BST. It should be held on the official PSL discord but in a scenario where it does not we will keep you posted. If you wish to gather in game please go to silph co ch 4. Reminder, as a player you have signed up with the intent to play regardless of who purchased you in the auction. If you refuse to play for a certain manager, you are not only letting the event down, but your other teammates who were bought alongside you. Keep that in mind. Also, you will probably be banned. Each manager will be rewarded with 100 credits toward the draft, with a minimum bid being 2 and a maximum bid being however much you can spend while still being able to fill your roster with the remaining players at 2 credits each. There will no longer be a free agency or midseason event. Once you are purchased by a manager you are with that team unless traded. There will not be any releasing of players. The auction nomination order will be conducted in a snake format, where we go from 1 to 8, 8 to 1, 1 to 8... etc, until all managers have filled their roster. There will be a roster cap of 12 players. This will be a basic auction with no draft component. There will be no trades during the auction, but once completed the trade season will officially begin. This season, managers will select a captain who cannot be traded during this season. Auction Order (Literally Pulled from a Hat): Haazuu Forfiter Kriliin MaeKaaay PredaKiller Havsha pachima LifeStyle Once it is there turn, managers will have the opportunity to "nominate" a player with an opening bid of their choosing. At that point forward a 20 second clock will start and all managers can begin bidding. Once a new bid is announced, the 20 second clock will reset. A bid is won once there are no further bids and the 20 seconds has elapsed. Also If you have signed up and need to pay 1 mil you must do so by the deadline, otherwise you wont be available to be selected. If you are unsure if this applies to you please check the clarification of rules post of the HYPE thread.
  5. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Announcement: About PSL trades: We have decided to allow trades in PSL but with limitations, there will now be trade windows as explained bellow. 3 trades can be made by each manager, during auction and up to 2 days before the first week starts. E.g. A manager can trade 4 players for 1 player, then proceed to trade that 1 player for 5 players and then trade those 5 players for 2 players. 2 additional trades can be made by each manager, starting from the beginning of the first week until 2 days before the second week starts. A final trade can be made at the start of week 4 up until 2 days before the fifth week starts. This trade can only be a single player for a single player trade. We have the right to deny any trade if we deem it to benefit a team too much.
  6. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Announcement: The managers have finally selected their team names: Forfiter - VGC Haazuu - Strawhats Havsha - The Cackling Cacturnes Kriliin - KIENZANGOOSE LifeStyle - The Dank Express MaeKaaay - Red Scale pachima - Transformers, Assemble! PredaKiller - Tactless Tangelas Welcome the teams of PSL 10!
  7. What is this? This is the official thread for player's to register to play in the PokeMMO Super League Season 10 event. Who can sign up? Anyone that plays PokeMMO and/or Showdown can register and play, so long as they have a PokeMMO Forum account to do so. Requirements? If you sign up, you are required to participate and compete in PSL10 as a player. The role of a player is to abide by the manager who selected you and compete against other tiers from other teams. Tiers? The selected tiers for PSL10 include PokeMMO OU, PokeMMO UU, PokeMMO NU, PokeMMO Doubles, PokeMMO LC and Showdown DPP OU / Showdown SM OU. How do I register? Simply fill-out the sheet below and post it in this thread. IGN: Timezone: Fluff: Preferred Tiers: Most Preferred Manager: Least Preferred Manager: IGN indicates what your in-game name is. This is the name you use for your character in PokeMMO. You may include both your PokeMMO IGN and/or Showdown IGN. Timezone is the timezone for which you live. This helps managers better understand how and when they can communicate with you. Fluff is where you put any information you want in order to better your chances of getting picked in the auction. Most preferred manager is simply that, feel free to list which manager you'd most like to play for. This does not mean this manager will select you, but it does add drama. Least preferred manager is simply that, feel free to list which manager you'd list like to play for. This does not mean this manager cannot select you, but it does add drama. How do I get picked? There will be a formal, public auction in approximately 10 days after this thread is opened which will pit managers against one another as they compete to get the best players from this list. How many players do we need? We have 8 tiers and 8 managers/teams, thus we will need at minimum 64 sign-ups. I anticipate near 80-100 will sign. If I sign up, does that guarantee I will get to play? Unfortunately, no. You will still have to get selected in the auction that will take place in around 10 days. This means it is in your best interest to make yourself known and to improve your skills in the meantime. What if I am forum banned and cannot post? Have another player contact a host (BlueBreath, LKrenz, Mkns), or use another media outlet to give me your sign up. Once We've received confirmation that you want to play, we'll post on your behalf in this thread. DEADLINE :14 September 11 PM EST
  8. PSL10

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Announcement: The managers for PSL X are here: Forfiter Haazuu Havsha Kriliin LifeStyle MaeKaaay pachima PredaKiller
  9. What is this? This is a thread dedicated to posting formal decisions decided upon by the hosts of PSL Season 10. Why? This provides an easy way to view administrative decisions without the clutter of sifting through endless comments. Who will moderate? *Bearminator* will open and close the thread when requested. Rules? If you are not the host, or an otherwise approved person, don't post here.
  10. PSL10

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    also, there are 21 sign up already. Deadline: 3 september
  11. PSL10

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    it's a sign up ?
  12. What is this? This is the official PSL X Manager Sign-up thread. If you are unfamiliar with PSL please check it out, it is the most hyped unofficial event of PokeMMO! This is where you should post your application to sign up for a manager, if you think you got what it takes then please read further. What is a PSL Manager? A manager in the PSL has the highest responsibility of any competitor. Their responsibilities are darn near endless. From managing finances to personalities, it is your role to carry a team of random people from all over the world to the promise land; to motivate them week in and week out to win, even when they are 0-6 and you have almost no hope of making the playoffs. The main duty of a manager is to assemble a team they deem to be the best. What do I need to know before I sign up? Being a manager is not easy. It takes a lot of commitment and it takes a lot of skills that some of us frankly don't have. It also takes the stones to suck it up when shit isn't going your way and to understand the rules of the game. Here is a list of things to consider before signing up: Can I stay active through the whole season? Can I communicate well with my players? Can I handle team finances? Can I keep an eye on my players and those of the opponent? Do I have knowledge of the competitive scene and the players? Will I keep interest, even when I'm on the losing side? Do I understand and can I make my players understand the terms & conditions of the PSL? Will I maintain respect for my host and the decisions they make? Do I have the availability to manage a team, participate in a draft, and respond to the host whenever a question presents itself? What do we do? Well simply put, you state the best case for why you should be a manager in PSL Season X in this very thread. The template is below, but feel free to spruce it up a bit with your own creativity, who knows we may add bonus points. IGN: post your in-game name here PokeMMO Team: post your in-game team here Experience: post the number of PSL seasons you've been involved in, and whether you were a manager, player, host, winner, etc. Motivation: post why you want to be a manager this season and what you are willing to do to be a champion Fluff: post anything and everything that might help this application be relevant How do I get selected to be a manager? After a good handful of applications are submitted, we (the hosts: Lkrenz, Mkns and BlueBreath) will meet to select the managers of this season. There will be eight (8) managers selected in total. Anything else? It is very prestigious to be selected as manager and quite frankly many good players will be left on the chopping block after the decision is made final. Please don't be upset if we don't pick you. You likely had a very wonderful application but there was just something about the players selected that put them just one step ahead of the game. Let the posts commence! DEADLINE : 03 September 11 PM EST
  13. Relevant Links: [PSL] Hall Of Fame [PSL 10] Hype Thread [PSL 10] Administrative Decisions [PSL 10] Manager Sign-Up Thread [PSL 10] Player Sign-Up Thread Also: [PSL 10] Predictions Thread [PSL 10] Betting Thread PSL Discord Link: >> Click Here << PSL X Weekly Bracket: >> Click Here << PSL X Season Spreadsheet: >> Click Here <<
  14. Clarification of rules: -Dnd (/dnd) must be enabled within 30 seconds after the match has started (however, both players are able to go into dnd before the match starts, it would be wise to do this). If you fail to do so you will receive a yellow card, if you receive an additional yellow card you shall receive a red card which suspends you from playing for a week. In a scenario where you fail to follow the rules a third time and receive a third yellow card you will be given a black card (a black card bans you for the season). If you decide to disable /dnd during a duel then you will automatically receive two yellow cards. -We are giving a chance for banned players to play this season because many people were simply unaware or cheated because someone else cheated, this behaviour is inexcusable, however if they fail to cooperate again then they will throwing away their money. If you believe someone should be on the list then make it known and provide evidence if possible.

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