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  1. WALLlAM

    Battle Speed

    Also, not sure if this will sway your judgement in any way, but the "having battle animations play at the same time as they are announced" sounds great to me, since this is the suggestion box.
  2. WALLlAM

    Battle Speed

    Yes thank you, finally someone answers :)
  3. WALLlAM

    Battle Speed

    Do you guys have plans to do any kind of speeding up battles for all players in the future?
  4. WALLlAM

    Battle Speed

    I love playing pokemon as a multiplayer game rather than single player, so PokeMMO is perfect for me. The literal only thing I would change is the battle speed. I find it hard to enjoy the game when the pokemon take 5 seconds to come out of their balls. Maybe this is just me but it's almost a must for me to get really into the game. Thanks for considering ^-^
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