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  1. Torkoal - Exeggutor - Darmanitan - Volcarona (Probably) - Chandelure (Probably) - Rotom-Heat (Probably) Garchomp, Scizor and Rotom-Wash are indeed generic route they are nice and the most common allies. I recomend to put in there at least a Garchomp. Scizor and Rotom-Wash take part in volturn for having more sun
  2. If added should look like this. This is used in games like Clash of Clans to show how many people are watching a match and for this game should be nice and cool and I want this to be added so much. - If somebody else's did the same suggestion i'm sorry
  3. I like gallade... buy the stone pressing p
  4. put the same words in youtube. you are welcome
  5. I don't like the idea because it will be the same as ou but with only the luckiest players who catchs better ivs winning games, people should play ou instead of that and if ranked it would be a dead matchmaking later on. They recently removed LC it's hard to imagine they would put into practice something like this
  6. Like the Clash of Clans Clan System huh ? is not a bad idea
  7. unfortunately, I needed to make the assumption to clarify something that he said previously: To me is completely unfair to talk encompassing everything. I'm so sorry.
  8. This guy like to talk a lot about things that he doesn't understand lol. Ok, let me clarify you and anyone who read your inventions for a last time. Cloyster has, indeed 48% winrate. But that's not the reason, Cloyster should have less winrate than 48%, it has 48% because King's Rock is not banned. The 27.92% people who use King's Rock should have an stable positive winrates. Similar to Milotic. Milotic win less times when is used with Flame Orb and with Leftovers win games normally In this case Cloyster is pure theory, but is obvious that King's Rock has high winrate and the other items not, and more winrate than Milotic Leftovers. I said I was not replying to you again but its so entertaining lmao
  9. No hordes of Staryu's can be found in PokeMMO, and you can check it in-game using Pokedex-Wild Locations (Rarity: Hordes). As you can see in this Screenshot of Altaria. If in past years was hordes it was because Sinnoh wasn't implemented yet and then they changed how and where the hordes spawn.
  10. Nidoqueen and the others has -6% usage, they doesn't count as solid winrate references. Agree. Rotom-Mow, Rotom-Wash and Hippowdon has high winrate and good usages, but you know where and how are they used right ? IN BALANCED. not stall, they are not core's mainly used in stall teams, are cores mainly used in Balanced teams. you keep being wrong and misunderstanding the meta. I'm out replying to you again btw, impossible to talk with someone who spontaneously creates non-existent obstacles and nonsense opinions.
  11. I don't know if you know, but seasons ago the time limit was infinite time and was limited to 60minutes. the stall is already "nerfed" in time-relation, and as i proved to you before, from the very main 3 building cores (Stall, Balanced & HO) stall is the worst and the easiest to stop and there's a lots of way to do so if you know a little bit of teambuilding. Ok, they are good, stall win games. but Balanced and HO win more in comparison. Stall and theirs Pokemon's are not broken by any means, are fine. haha how funny, lets nerf eviolite because its broken! bro you're a completely troll account, no jokes. none of what you're saying will be done, ever.
  12. No, Hahhahaha, so, because the new players are new players, the game need to change necessarily in a cheating/easywins/unfair ways for those who doesn't know how to play properly ? the games are not made for the players to 100% the game from minute 1 or win against anyone from minute 1 man. the WORST games are made with: RNG and Pay to Win This game contains a lot of RNG and 0 Pay to Win, and its getting worst and worst with the staff keeping available items that promote the RNG. if you think more RNG involved = more players enjoining you're getting trap in a substantial paradise where people enjoys a lot at theirs first weeks playing and then stop playing suddenly because they saw how all was made. no one does that this days. And if, as you said, you was 104/164 that doesn't mean the game is bad and stall is broken, that means you: - don't have a good team -doesn't have experience enough to play ranked -think the game is the problem and not you, etc. AND if you think the game is made badly because the stall and king's rock balances it, how did i got so many wins against stall huh ? how did i topped 2 accounts playing less than lots of the people that played ?, how more people was capable of doing the same ?... My team was x6 Sweepers ALWAYS and WITHOUT KING'S ROCK. and were few times where I lost to stall, the majority of my losses was against Balanced. you will probably say: "because you know how to play"... my firsts months playing this game, years ago I already was in the top. you know why ? because this game is one of the easiest game's I ever played, at least for me. compared to anything else this is super easy because the only thing you need to win in this game is to think and teambuild using your head. in other games you need to use reflex, momentum, sudden strategies, etc. all at the same time while in this game the only thing to play better is to Study the game. So, that's what I recommend to you bro, Study the game and do not come and try to ruin it because you don't know what's the real problem.
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