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  1. @Raichuforyou if you want to talk about stall i have a very nice examples just right in the top ladder, top 5's using stall right now, but thats not the thing here, i already said that, i'm not suggesting 120+minutes time limit which are 2 hours im suggesting +20 minutes because with the time clause the players cannot use properly their teams if they will be time-stalled. @XelaKebert I like your opinions but I think you still do not understand what I explained before, I hope anyway that it will not happen to you soon in the game. In matches when in your, around 30 minutes you noticed that you could actually win but the other player stalls you using the strategy that i already explaned until he wins.
  2. @OrangeManiac In matches were both players will play nice its fine but in matches were one of both players will stall time in order to win its not fine. I'm suggesting exactly 80minutes as a time limit because will consume what those players do in order to win because they had more Pokemon's alive and less time its better for people who play stall because they have more pp's and less probability to lose a Pokemon, this is just a hotfix for everyone, in those duels the people can't even make enought plays to do a comeback because the time limit, assuming you lost 1 of 6 in +30 Minutes
  3. I want to suggest you guys this because in ranked its unfair how a player in 1v1 ranked stall vs stall or balanced vs balanced, stall vs balanced, one of both players can kill 1 Pokemon and then stall time until is Min 60 were the match will end with the maximum battle points gained by the guy who won because was the maximum time even if the player who has 5 Pokemons alive and had more than 70% of their pp's to use against a person who had less. This is unfair because the player who kills 1 of the 6 Pokemon's of the other can: 1) wait around 10 seconds and use a move (time stall) 2) recharge time and repeat 3) switching to save time into safespots, which in part is time stalling too (blissey switch to gatrodon for example) all of this things can result in a unfair win and losing time making the player who was about to win naturally, play the match until the end because the illusion of at the end he will win, and also lose more elo than normal, and the player who won will win more. Suggestion: Adding +20 Minutes at least, in Ranked Battles
  4. I think there is a problem with the screen of your phone, this is not normal, or is it something that has to do with the size of your screen
  5. u joined in an unranked battle i guess or both elos were too low to get prizes beating each other haha
  6. IGN: ZeknShooter Reason: for fun Preferred Tiers: OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): I was the top 2 ou in the latest PSL with an score mark of 7/1 and I also was a former ranked top ladder 1-50 in differents accounts Discord contact (optional): Stella#7604 Other random stuff: I want a good team
  7. Hi @marnie, please update this, I secretly like Pink in 2020 XD
  8. me vs azzazz in 20min azzazz won
  9. You're the best.

  10. IGN: ZeknShooter Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU Discord name: Zekken#5832
  11. gg, just for fun, i lost both matches because my team already lost, so it was meaningless
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