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  1. ZeknShooter

    Quick Wishlist

    Wish List: 1) More BP gain from PvP battles (Because all other methods for farming it have been nerfed) ------------------------------ 2) Add a search bar to find players faster (Exactly... on one of those places) ------------------------------ 3) Adding a number for all players in the "Spectate" tab that shows their ranking on the ladder. Just like this And In-game it will looks like this: With this the people can be encouraged to breed and play Ranked Games for the title (Highest can mean more spectators).
  2. Payday was nerfed, no one use that this days-
  3. provide an english translation xD
  4. 100%, One of the best of this year probably, if you want you can see that first
  5. Horror: Another Shonen (Action): Black Rock Shooter Another World: Re:Zero Scifi - (Intelectual): Steins;Gate Drama(Tragedy): Shigatsu wa kimi no uso Zombie : Gakkou Gurashi Action Series: Fate Series Gore: Tokyo Ghoul Police: Psycho Pass Music Video ( XD): Shelter Movie: Kimi no nawa Psychological, Blood: Higurashi no koro ni Magical Girls: Mahou Shoujo Site School: Clannad Missfortune: Watamote Fight: One Punch Man Shoujo ("Pink" Anime): K-on Newest Anime (Another World): Tate No Yuusha KILLS: Akame Ga Kill Scizorss: Yuru Yuri Nice one: Kyoukai no kanata Random But Nice Animes (Shonen): Gabriel Dropout, Maid Dragon Psycho Romance: Mirai Nikki Seinen (Serious Anime): Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi. My choices for you: Another, Tokyo Ghoul, Gakkou Gurashi, Black Rock Shooter, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso and Clannad.
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