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  1. you can make it different. nice thought tho
  2. what https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/280-general-discussion-chinese/
  3. they did respond you yet or not? maybe they didn't have read your appeal yet
  4. it depends on what team are you running her, it will work better having a team of full defense walls being special defense wall than defense mandibuzz i do preffer this set: but you choice
  5. Battle Points and "score" to get prizes:
  6. you can play those ones and sinnoh atm, and you can travel between regions @SavitarReplay
  7. if you can ask to any friend for darumaka (which is cheap) it is an excellent option too
  8. hi be sure in your objectives and where you want to spend your time and have fun in this game, welcome
  9. pls add: 1) A way to block the mails you will receive with a click. bc of this (a random alt account mailing, i didn't sent this): 2) I insist, expand the time limit in ranked from 60minutes to 80minutes. I see the same abuse of this from before in my suggest expand the time limit this always happen, people is not saying a word about this because they hate stall but this is serious time stall is not that big problem with this expansion. 3) Close chatting in official tournaments spectator mode. This is a big problem too, people used to flame losers in public, this is very real if you a
  10. When the clock hits 60 minutes, both players will have their battle resolved for them, with the winner being whoever wins the first of the following scenarios: More party members alive Higher aggregate % points of party members (e.g. 52%+47%+31%+0%+0%+0% = 120 score) Higher aggregate HP of party members Higher aggregate PP of alive party members Those are the rules, i totally understand you but in matches were elo, rank, "divisions" and tournaments are being included i think they would not accept tie systems
  11. I recommend you to buy items that can effort an advantage in the match, like focus sash, or move-empowering gems, also you can use your mt's, and if nothing works just ask for help in global chat the community is kind but don't ask for money pls
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