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  1. Torkoal - Exeggutor - Darmanitan - Volcarona (Probably) - Chandelure (Probably) - Rotom-Heat (Probably) Garchomp, Scizor and Rotom-Wash are indeed generic route they are nice and the most common allies. I recomend to put in there at least a Garchomp. Scizor and Rotom-Wash take part in volturn for having more sun
  2. If added should look like this. This is used in games like Clash of Clans to show how many people are watching a match and for this game should be nice and cool and I want this to be added so much. - If somebody else's did the same suggestion i'm sorry
  3. I like gallade... buy the stone pressing p
  4. put the same words in youtube. you are welcome
  5. I don't like the idea because it will be the same as ou but with only the luckiest players who catchs better ivs winning games, people should play ou instead of that and if ranked it would be a dead matchmaking later on. They recently removed LC it's hard to imagine they would put into practice something like this
  6. Like the Clash of Clans Clan System huh ? is not a bad idea
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