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  1. Well, that's all, it's been closed for a day. I'm not a big influence, but how many players will pokemmo lose because of this incident?
  2. We also hope that pokemmo will do better, but your officials do, I played dozens of games, the first time you see, you can send a notice that the balloon is BUG re-sale will be the title, do not have anything. It was sealed directly. I hope the management will see how to handle it. 报错
  3. We all love pokemmo, but the official is really sad.
  4. 你们官方这样玩的?.我们玩家哪里知道是BUG? 这样就封号?你们自己更新游戏没弄好BUG。说我们滥用BUG?头一次见。让玩家买单的 厉害了我的官方
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