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  1. I'm sorry in advance, I'm not trying to be rude but I know it's going to come out that way. Asking users to jailbreak isn't normal, it would be clunky and weird and I get that. Except for PC we're already finding and downloading illegally pirated roms, actually no we're not, we're buying them and uploading them ourselves through all of our coding knowledge. Then placing them to load through Pokemmo. Having the understanding to easily do this is too messy for an everyday Pokémon fan. Unless, like most of us, you've been doing these kinds of things with emulators since you randomly found them on Kazaa or Limewire and almost died of shock because you downloaded more SNES games than you'd ever seen, even though everyone you knew had one. Anyway, just saying, the basics of it are already clunky, making it iOS compatible (perhaps through TweakBox, AppValley, or AppAddict, none of which require jailbreaking) might not gather additional users, but most of the current users would likely better be capable. Sorry, and sorry for resurrecting a dead thread.
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