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  1. I've seen people running around with V-create , doom desire ect. moves on a smeargle. Is there a list that contains all of Legendary or signature moves smeargle can learn from npc's ? I've heard someone has a smeargle with roar of time.
  2. Kapetanmafija

    RP Shop

    I kinda feel the RP shop is incomplete . Most other games advertise a "pay more to get more" theme. Now i know this is a game for kids, but I'm sure there are people who spend a lot of money on this game. Wouldn't it be better to support those kind of customers by adding some % bonus for each RP pack? As things are now , there's no incentive to buy 100$ pack over 20 times 5$ . I'd suggest adding some bonus to the purchase : 1750 for 15$ 3000 for 25$ 6000 for 50$ I feel like this would not break the economy ,and would rewards those high spending players.
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