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  1. Devil Bats (0) vs Vermilion Villains (0) OU1: ZeknShooter - Lkrenz OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca UU: tMoi - Zhiko NU: Mexidany - Aurumpegasus ( @calidubstep) LC: Urquidi - Baneadito ( @calidubstep) M-OU: ZacMorales - Kiwikidd ( @Spaintakula) M-LC: KiiritoX - Busso Empoleon Bonaparuguu (0) vs The Trashtalking Taillows (0) OU1: MadaraSixSix - iMat OU2: Brianattackpro - Pablobacas ( @LeJovi) UU: Getovaherez - QuinnW NU: Cristi - JuniorPT ( @Haazuu) Dubs: Superman - IJulianFNT ( @Spaintakula) LC: Yeyoxd - PoseidonWrath M-OU: Schuchty - Bluebreath M-Dubs: Badbaarsito - iKillua ( @calidubstep) Sailor Lunatones (0) vs Nincadas with attitudes (0) OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso ( @calidubstep) OU2: THORRM - Abstractt ( @calidubstep) UU: TohnR - Umbramol ( @LeJovi) NU: Cogeid - Zymogen Dubs: Aldahirramirez - DocPBC ( @LeJovi) LC: Inxss - GasaiYunoSan (100k-1m on this one, if you take say the amount) ( @GasaiYunoSan 750k) M-NU: SweetForU - Aerun M-Dubs: Artemiseta - EYL ( @LeJovi) Just Blaziken it (0) vs The Ruthless Rotoms (0) OU1: Lunarck - Darker UU: Mlhawk - Huargensy NU: Kriliin - xLuneth LC: TheDH - Xondex M-UU: Icekob - Mkns M-NU: Tawla - Stelian 100k each one unless specified
  2. IGN: Inxss Reason: I want to prove that i'm a decent player and i'm able to do good in such a competition Preferred Tiers: UU/LC (Main LC ofc) Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): I barely have time to play tours, went to a official finals , won a couple of CC LC's , joined one PSL and went like 4-3 and Last world cup did 4-1 Discord contact (optional): ManyTears#0038 Other random stuff: I will probably be busy with work, but if you pick me i will dedicate myself alot ,
  3. tbh you are absolutly right I've more hope for a vaccine for covid this year than dungeons coming this year
  4. Sorry for bad english The same argument can be used to play 5gen OU, with the introduction of legendaries (?) and HA in the near future people would've time to experiment new strats... Imo if we would play any showdown tier would be 5gen ou otherwise i would rather vote for no showdown tiers
  5. mailed u the money sebat ----------------------------------- any amount between 1m-5m on kriliin , quote me how much u want
  6. Sorry i won't be able to play, give my spot to someone else
  7. take kriliin 500k ------------------ also 1m-5m on krillin
  8. ign manytears (idk if i can make it, but will update w the team if so)
  9. same as daryl, mail me so i can mail the money ign manytears
  10. Kaitha

    Recycle Bug

    Can we get a fix on this asap for real, just do a quick patch fixing this, annoying af
  11. Belgium 0 - 0 China A OU - Jawaax VS mentalsoft UU - Mkns VS MamoswineZ NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu 500k-3m @Paul 3m SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Starmind 500k Mexico 0 - 0 Peru B OU - WallsLife VS xLuneth LC - Baneadito VS Hernjet SMOU - CamiiNeko VS Huargensy Spain 0 - 0 Columbia A OU - Kiwkidd VS Brianattackpro NU - Busso VS JamesFaul LC - XondeX VS Dreico Doubles - Zigh VS iJulianFNT 500k SMOU - Jorgefirebolt VS Zeldris @Moi Rest of Asia 0 - 0 Argentina A OU - xMikasaAckerman VS LKrenz @TiToooo NU - SweetForU VS Souu 500k 1m-3m belgium wins ---------- 100k bold ones unless specified ign manytears
  12. take krillin any amount between 500k-5m on krillin 3m belgium wins
  13. i won vs narikiri gg bro :)
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