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  1. 10/10 Service will definitly use again!
  2. Nice to see castform is still OU
  3. can we finally get leaderboard reset? @Kyu
  4. what about hidden abilities
  5. I won my week 1 game (vs xig) and my week 2 game (vs arno)
  6. Kaitha

    PSL 12 - Auction Sale

    Slugma Male - Gentle (31/9/31/31/31/31) - 350k
  7. Title, pretty much it it would be fun to see new talent players popping up, also new mons will eventually change the entire meta @Kyu @Squirtle make it happen upvote the post if you agree
  8. Great guide! gg We should make this for every single tier btw
  9. this game got nothing good to offer but stress and waste your time just quit
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