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  1. Kaitha

    PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium

    Great guide! gg We should make this for every single tier btw
  2. Kaitha

    Dear competitive community, help me decide

    in a serious note, saving for further events sounds way better 100m per event is just enough edit: or, depending on how many players receive the prizes on the end of the event (for ex psl, best player of the season, manager, players etc etc) you should like make a enough amount between every player that got a prize. Sorry for bad english
  3. Kaitha

    Nice Capture Rate&Pokemons

    this game got nothing good to offer but stress and waste your time just quit
  4. noob not selling nu's anymore i wanted some more with kev's money
  5. Kaitha

    I hope the Devs see this...

  6. really had to leave, im on now let me get more stuff
  7. Kaitha

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    I love competitive pokemon battles, especially LC tier. But I cannot make LC comps easily, there is always a risk of them evolving, and if somehow they are trained without evolution, it is irritating to cancel evolution every since time it levels up. And even after all that, they cannot be made at the aesthetic lvl 5 at which LC pokemons are usually in battle. And if using Amnesia Brace to get them at lvl 5 or to not risk evolution, it take hours, literally hours, just to train one, and since the pokemon to be trained cannot kill hordes most of the time, you have to switch between killer pokemon and go through an ultra grind and cancerous experience, The kind which is certainly not worth spending $10 in my opinion and almost make you want to quit game rather than training comps. So please, improve this item, help the community train better. It would also benefit the game since the item is an RP purchase item. Please do it. Thank You.
  8. Kaitha


    600k relicanth
  9. Kaitha

    How To Grind Like True Slav, Blin!

    I want to be your friend and play csgo with you omg rush b
  10. Kaitha

    Good job

    5k bp fee wtf
  11. Kaitha

    Team Information

  12. Kaitha

    Marriage System

    rip lvke i miss you hit me on WA
  13. Kaitha

    Marriage System

    @Bilburt !!!

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