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  1. foyone

    World Cup Week #1

    killuminatis and me tomorrow -23hs Spain // 19hs Argentina
  2. foyone

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    what about nerf air slash from %30 flinch to %20?
  3. foyone


    In-game name: foyeloneBiceps <-- Forum name: Country: Argentina Tiers signed up for: OU,UU, maybe NU. thx rox and orange.
  4. foyone

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    dungeons time
  5. foyone

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    good and brief twice good
  6. foyone

    Should we face inflation?

    i think berry farming made the economy better. farm breeders/items its profitable again due to the money influx from berry farming.
  7. foyone


  8. foyone

    What's your best PokeMMO battle?

    It depends on your rival. Practically impossible if you face someone used to playing competitive. Anyway, i think the pairing system will hardly put you against very experienced players during your first battles
  9. foyone


    added weather animations. status condition and hp remind indicators for pvp.
  10. liked and upvoted. and why only rankeds rewards? why not a little boost in BP's for unranked/normal PVP UU/NU?
  11. foyone

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    i dont talk with youtubers, sorry.
  12. foyone

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    is rare to see excadril outside on sand tbh. I think it will be less than %5 of teams running excadril without ttar/hipp. kingdra could be because auto support with rain dance, or the sniper set, but still need 1 turn to set.
  13. foyone

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    so if the other player sacrifice pelipper/hippo on a non threat for kabutops/excadril you need to sacrifice 1 mon for the potential sword dance then bring a fight priority move just to gain a switch out from kabutops or excadril... why nobody uses sandstorm+excadril or rain dance+kabutops? because isn't broken like drizzle and sandstream and need to find a turn to set it. why smogon banned that combos even with rayquaza in the tier? i didn't saw recent usage stats. but how much teams with kabutops or kingdra dont run pelipper? how much teams with excadril dont run tyranitar or hippodown and viceversa?

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