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  1. Some of the biggest turn offs for me when playing Pokemon are IVs, EV training, Natures, Egg moves, and Z-Moves. I can never truly fight against any other player because I don't have maximized stats for my Pokemon and it just takes so long to do along with being extremely tedious. Why fight against others when they have maximized stats for their Pokemon and I don't? I would be at a huge disadvantage and thus I stick with playing the virtual console 3DS Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. Below are the obvious things that need to happen for Pokemon to actually git good: IVs should be removed. EV training should be removed or made a lot easier/faster to do. Natures should be made a lot easier to do/get. Egg moves should be removed or made a lot easier to do/get for your Pokemon. Z-moves should never be made an option. Well, back to Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow I go! :)
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