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  1. Linfanz

    Where are the Herbs of White?

    In addition to the above, you can also obtain Battle Points from completing the E4 and it’s subsequent rematches and from unranked/ ranked matchmaking.
  2. ııı ııı ııı EVENT 5 - LËM TOURNEY #3: Hello UU ııı ııı ııı TOURNAMENT DETAILS DATE: 02/12/2018 TIME: 2 PM (EST) / 7 PM (UTC) [If time is truly unbearable for everyone, it may change, please let Boss know if you have any issues] LOCATION: Vermillion City Pokemon Centre Upper Floor Ch 2 HOST: Linfanz TOURNAMENT FORMAT: DOUBLE ELIMINATION UU (UNDERUSED) Bracket that will be set using challonge.com, Battle format will be standard tournament mode UU 6v6 (LV 50) (also see below banlist). ENTRIES INFO: Everyone in team is welcome to play. There is no entry fee. There is no limit to number of players but please be ready on time as we intend to start SHARP. Note everyone in the team including the hosts are invited to play this tournament :) RULES INFO: Clauses: Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Pokemon Banlist (See Spoiler): Reveal hidden contents Item Banlist: BrightPowder, Focus Band, Quick Claw, Lax Incense and King's Rock Note you are allowed to make as many changes to your team between rounds as you wish. TOURNEY PRIZES: 1ST PLACE: A Gift Shop Item of your choice to the value of 500 RP. 2ND PLACE: 2x31, 3x27+ Breed of your choice (obviously not super hard breeds xD) 3RD PLACE: 150k Pokeyen FAQ: Q: What is Double Elimination? A: In previous and most tournaments in general if you lose your match you are eliminated. But in double elimination, you essentially have an additional chance and are only eliminated having lost two matches which involves having a Loser's bracket as well. Since this means there will be twice as many matches as usual and everyone will play at least 2 games, please be on time and prepared to follow the instructions of the hosts. ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS REFER TO Linfanz FOR FURTHER INFO. EVENT RESULTS: 1ST PLACE: Aard 2ND PLACE: Beebam (Team MéTá) 3RD PLACE: Zuladra Thank you to everyone including those from Team MéTá for joining in. (Note: This event was an unofficial event and was conducted prior to myself joining the staff team. )
  3. I mean the construction of houses in general has never really been a 1 man/pokemon job. Given that I don't think the poor old man is doing much more to help than working on his afk game, I feel like Machop is still gonna take a while.
  4. Linfanz

    Need to evolve kadabra

    An hour and a half from now is good. Trade evolving will only take around 5 minutes. I'll send you a whisper (green text) message then.
  5. Linfanz

    Need to evolve kadabra

    Just let me know when you are online and I will whisper you. I am online now.
  6. Linfanz

    Need to evolve kadabra

    So basically you would trade me the Kadabra in exchange for nothing, I'd cancel the trade evolution animation on my side (so you can see it evolve) then trade it back to you. When you receive it, the Kadabra will evolve into Alakazam.
  7. Linfanz

    Need to evolve kadabra

    If you still need help with trade evolving, whisper me IGN: Linfanz and I'll be happy to help.
  8. Linfanz


    There was no additional vanity added to the gift shop since the update. You can see what was added in the latest update in the changelog at the below link.
  9. Linfanz


    You can find Dratini through either GTL or super rod fishing in either the Kanto Safari or at Dragonspiral tower in the Unova region.
  10. Linfanz

    Last battle help AJUDA AE PLZ

    Theres a Team Plasma grunt standing in/outside the Pokemon League Pokemon Centre. Talk to him to be sent back to N's Castle.
  11. ııı ııı ııı EVENT 4 - Hide & Seek ııı ııı ııı Firstly apologies to all team members for the slight delay in announcing Event 4 but I'm finally pleased to announced that we will be hosting games of Hide and Seek for our 4th event. EVENT DETAILS: In order to cater our events to our players of various timezones located in countries all over the globe, I have decided to host this event at two different times in order to allow as many players as possible to at least be able to play at one time, event times were decided based on survey in our discord server. Therefore this event will consist of two games of Hide and Seek of which each game has 5 rounds of Hide and Seek (10 rounds total). The prize for finding the host in each round is 100k per round. DATE & TIME GAME 1: Sunday 18th November (14:00 UTC) GAME 2: Monday 19th November (02:00 UTC) *Note that based on your timezone, the day of the week may still be Sunday for you for Game 2. EVENT FORMAT AND RULES: Each game of Hide and Seek will consist of 5 rounds. Each round will involve the host of the game going to hide in an undisclosed location in a place in the game. The host will then disclose the region they are in as well as any further initial details and clues to enable participants to find the host. Note that as it takes longer to find the host, the host will disclose more clues and riddles allowing players to find him. All of this information will be communicated using the team chat during the event. To win a round, the participant must find the host before all other participant, the winner of the round is the first player to send the host a trade request. PRIZE: 100k per round EVENT HOST: Linfanz If anyone has any further questions regarding this event, please don't hesitate to contact the event host. :D EVENT RESULTS: GAME 1: Round 1: CTP Round 2: CTP Round 3: Akoyooo Round 4: Zuladra Round 5: DarkxAkira GAME 2: Round 1: TohnR Round 2: CTP Round 3: CTP Round 4: TohnR Round 5: TWOTAM Bonus Round: TohnR Overall Winner: CTP Congratulations to all our players who participated in this fun event, glad to see a great interest and turnout.
  12. Linfanz

    Pokemon Daycare Centers - Pokemon Eggs

    I don't see why it would need to be lowered. 21k isn't excessive (its literally just over 2 gym battle rematches) and it also maintains the intended rarity of Pokemon which have a low gender ratio. This game is an MMO and therefore unlike the vanilla games, we have additional game mechanics to keep the game balanced and as fair as possible. Just because you don't like spending a bit of money doesn't mean the mechanic should be changed/modified. Also, the 21k gender fee affects less than 30 Pokemon species obtainable in the game, when you start breeding more, you'll more than likely see the gender fee is 5k on the majority of occasions.
  13. Linfanz

    Pokemon Daycare Centers - Pokemon Eggs

    Once again, you aren't paying for the egg. If you read what I have already posted, you are paying to guarantee the gender to make subsequent breeds much easier to do. If you don't want to pay an additional fee, then select the correct option when collecting the egg.
  14. Linfanz

    Pokemon Daycare Centers - Pokemon Eggs

    Apart from providing the poke ball, you can choose the option of paying some money to guarantee the gender of the breed which is very useful when breeding things to breed again. The fee for gender guarantees is dependent on the gender ratio of Pokemon where a 12.5% chance of a gender e.g. female Eevee will cost 21k to guarantee. Pokemon of a 25% gender ratio e.g. Male Corsola will cost 9k to guarantee and Pokemon with a usual gender ratio of 50% or more for a specific gender will cost 5k. If you don't need to guarantee a gender, then you don't need to pay any additional fees, just be careful to select the right option when selecting the egg. Hope this helps.
  15. Linfanz

    Improvement of Team Settings

    There already is quite a struggle to fill even general UU and NU matchmaking, can't see a Team based matchmaking faring any better.

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