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  1. Yes it is, please wait patiently now as the support moderators will reply to you soon.
  2. Hi, We were unable to locate your Dragonite, it's likely that you accidentally released or bred it. Apologies.
  3. 请别把你的号借给别人,这样的行为违反我们的规则。只有你允许用你的号。
  4. Lin tips on how to win this: Just bring rain tbh
  5. I mean it goes both ways, there's equally too offensive powerhouses and setups that can distort the balance.
  6. No I’m afraid it’s not possible, you’ll need to make a new forums account if you want to use that name.
  7. 请在这里举报玩家:https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ Please report players here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/
  8. Please keep on-topic, this isn't the place for team drama.
  9. Catch a Move! Event Results Thank you to everyone who participated and glad people enjoyed a different style of PvE event. Congrats to zDaryl and Biqueta who jointly won the most rounds. A massive thanks to @Sethsen for his super assistance with event planning and running the rounds ^^. See you all next time!
  10. 请耐心等待,发奖励一般需要几天。 - Please wait patiently, it usually takes a few days to send out event rewards.
  11. You will not be banned for receiving rewards from team/community events. You can find the rules here: https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct/
  12. Catch a Move! Event Description Wild pokemon can have a wide range of moves, catch the right move to receive a prize! Date Friday, 28th August Time 3pm UTC // 11AM ET Time Zone Converter Location Shopping Mall Nine, Unova, Ch. 1 Prize 100 RP Voucher per round Rules Event information will be broadcast over Global chat. There will be 20 rounds in which a specific pokemon move will be given by the event host. Players will then search for and capture a wild pokemon with that move as part of its current wild moveset and the first to catch and link the pokemon in Normal chat at the host's location wins the round. The moves that trainers will need to find a pokemon with will be specifically chosen to ensure the challenge is possible, access to all 4 regions will be required for full participation, there may be multiple possible pokemon that carry the required move when caught and all possible entries will be deemed valid. The winner of a round will receive a 100 Reward Point voucher as a prize. You must link the Pokemon in Normal chat at the event venue, no other chat will be accepted Pokemon must be obtained after the required move is revealed in the chat. Smeargle's will not be counted as a valid entry even though they can technically learn the desired move before being caught. You may not breed the Pokemon for an entry or change its moveset, the caught pokemon must already know the desired move. You must be the OT of the Pokemon You may not trade another player or use the GTL to locate the required Pokemon You may only win up to 4 total rounds maximum. Any attempts to cheat such as submitting an invalid entry will result in disqualification at the host's discretion. Host: Lin Co-Host: Sethsen
  13. Staff have not been able to create automated tournaments recently due to technical issues associated with the recent update. In the meantime, we've been building up a backlog of planned tours that we plan on getting processed as soon as we are able to as well as rescheduling cancelled tours. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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