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  1. Making the game unnecesary Hard for the New player? Dont worry eventually some1 will show up at this thread to "enlight you" about the fact that the lvl caps are not bad, but good because they prevent players from steam roll over gyms (even the fact thats well known of ppl doing alt runs with pokémon like starmie and soloing at least the story Mode (i did that recently in unova) so the two purposses this measure is supossed to prevent are not actually being prevented I think. But as i said, soon or later some1 will come to "enlight you" about this reasons.
  2. Ok thanks. Then im done with this game. I guess that also means that i cant give away my account for free to some1 Who wants it, be it for the progress or the yens it already has. Usually when I get bored of a game i just do that. I gave away my vainglory account at some point (after playing for a year) did the Same with my hearthstone account after 8 months, but pokemmo was the fastest on my list. Just 3 weeks actually playing it and im done and bored of it. Few Words to the devs While Im aware that the stupid lvl crap (yes it wasnt a typo error i wrote CRAP) its to prevent the abuse of alt accounts it doesnt actually work, i got 7 badges at unova soloing most of the game with a starmie in few hours. There is even a kind of Guide here about alt account runs so... Whats the point in punishing the New player with that thing. The game is aimed at hardcore players, that ppl Who grew up playing pokemon games and has some previus experience in the game, but is punishing and Hard for the New player, the one that is getting a first contact with the game. Theres a lack of learning curve for the New player. In some post where i complained about this, and how beating the story line feels more like a task than playing a game, and how grindy it ends. Some1 told me that i was having that "bad experience" because i didnt planned ahead when I started playing the game... But again i ask... How the hell am i going to plan, if i have just recently started playing? If you are trying to make a kind of close community of "Hardcore poke nerds" congratulations, you are heading the right way, to get a small, but hardcore community. While closing yourselves to New players. A game is not fun if it produces more frustration than fun. I have already stress and frustration in my job and at least i get paid for that. So there i dont have problems with that. But when game feels more like a Job, then theres something wrong with it.
  3. I posted asking for some1 to Beat the E4 in my account in exchange for yens (not real money) now i cant find that thread. So let me guess it got deleted by a mod. Just confirming
  4. Yes i understand you. And i apreciate your help and interest. Sorry if i was harsh. In fact im thinking exactly in what you said in ur previus post, taking a break from the game. Anyway nobody is chasing me to finish this asap. Btw yes i like to grind. For breeders, for money, etc. But grinding to Beat the story sometimes feels like a task instead of a fun activity, dont know if i explain myself. I have already tasks in my Job and daily life. Thanks and have a good Day, and hope you enjoyed ur bacon =)
  5. Give... Let me try this approach, i though the pokemon had to be holding the ítem while reaching a New lvl. Ill just try it Edit, thanks it worked like a charm, now i got a starmie =)
  6. Yes I know how to ev train the pokemon, what i mean is that since i started playing this game every time i reach a New gym, villain or whatever i have to replace one or two of my pokes, Just to "adapt" my original team or whatever it was is on the box. And nothing of that team works against the E4 so... More grind =/ Thats what i meant. Anyway i guess im closer to finish than when I started. So Thats a good thing i guess
  7. Lol do you remember that meme of the guy throwing a table... Thats how i feel in this moment =/ grind grind grind one or two pokemon just to box them later (because they get replaced by another pokemon to fill a temporary task) i guess ill better play candy crush lol
  8. Im pretty sure i tried that already when I wanted to evolve lombre, and it didnt worked, not sure if i tried to lvl UP again after taking lombre out of the box, but im sure i placed lombre in the box and then took him out. I even tried with a water stone bought from the gtl instead of the one i already had. But i think ill give it a try with staryu, ill place it in the box,ill log out and then after login in ill place it on my team and then ill lvl him up, thanks
  9. Not yet. I Checked the lvl caps for the different regions. My original plan was to Beat first hoenn then kanto then box that team untill unova e4 but i just found that unova has an even lower lvl cap. So I have started the storyline for unova, so in the end my plan changed to Beat first unova, then, hoenn then kanto. That way I hope i wont need a New team for unova or at least only minor changes will have to be made. Honestly im tired of the endless grind, lol and i really hate leveling up pokes just to ditch them later in the "dusty box" so ill have to wait till i get to unova E4. But not everthing is bad, this Last two days while grinding for breeders to asemble the team my balance jumped from 800k to 1.2 m yens (That's the kind of grind i love lol) and im already at third gym in unova. So I hope soon ill be telling you that i finally lifted that annoying lvl cap from my account. I used to love grinding with my pickup meowth, now im worried because i can use it on hoenn, or i can use it at kanto and reach the lvl cap there. But anyway he is stuck at one región one way or the other. Same thing will happen soon with the breloom i use to catch pokemon :( That's why im so interested in finally getting rid of the lvl cap
  10. Atm im not actually interested in evolving lombre anymore but i tried giving him a water stone and nothing happened. Same thing now that im Playing with staryu, so I Wonder if besides the ítem theres another criteria that has to be met like, a place (like magneton evolving to magnezone in New mauville for example) Day / night time of Day or, happines, or anything else. Thanks
  11. You mean getting a jellicent instead one of the other pokemon right? It would be still a team of six. So I think i would be taking out kabu probably. Thanks for your patience and help
  12. Dd means dragon dance if im guessing right? Does gyarados need any ev training or ivs? I guess ill just buy the pp Max. Still i dont know how to use egg moves and all that stuff, so I guess ill better stick with the first option of pp maxing gyroball, unless it is possible to get the spikes move from a tutor. So this team can beat the 3 región E4? That's sweet Thanks for ur advice
  13. Really? Only Those two? What skills evs? I see i guess ill hold on, onto glaceon atm. Ill focus on the other 3
  14. Sweet, that saves me some buck, which is always nice, you talked earlier about a glaceon, what about him, i mean ev training and nature, thanks again for all ur help
  15. So Wild eevees with decent speed and atack should be enough? Bold nature for the four of them? I got some breeders and money so I think i have enough material / yens to make them 3 x 31(females, Just in case later at some point i want to finish improving them even if this means having to retrain them)i was thinking speed and and hp is a must but im not sure if i should iv them in atack or sp atack. On the other hand if you say that its possible to use Wild eevees with decent ivs then i guess i should start training them hehehe, i spent some time last night hunting eevees and got some decent ones i think Thanks again for your time answering all my questions
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