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  1. O. Time to donate then
  2. An item that blocks a pokemon from receiving EXP from battles. Scenario: Let's say Im using a lvl. 71 to one hit a horde of Garbroudor so that a couple lvl. 16's using exp share can level up faster. In this case I'm not really worried about the lvl. 71 leveling up but his share would allow the lvl. 16's to level up much faster. It can be called the Share Collar.
  3. U can find them in normal grass patches on route 10
  4. I've never seen shaking grass in unova and I have both. I'll log in now to see where I met them
  5. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
  6. I finally made it to the east side of Unova and I see alot of this? What happened?
  7. ➥ Character : Alakazam ➥ Background : Something Psychicy? ➥ Text : DJgage LÄvA ➥ Animated : Yes
  8. Stop being the Po' lice and just enjoy the game
  9. I just made it to the Victory Road in Unova... So i'm still just a baby in this game. I dont know what most of that is, but I do have something to look into now. Thanks!
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