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  1. Thanks for the update, i want to report that shiny rotom, snover and abomasnow have no sparkly effect.
  2. Lmao, i remember this. A long explanation of just being lazy to go back and buy pokeballs.
  3. Hello, i'd suggest you to create separate mod that also works for all regions i think people wont mind to have this theme. cheers
  4. Hello good sir, I dont know is it just me or not but bulbasaur sprite didnt show up as follower, it just shown as shadow and sparkling sprites.
  5. Hello Good Sir, i have a question about this if i slather all tree with honey then i waited for an hour, can other player interact with my slathered tree too? if yes then can i still interact with those tree or not? i don't want to waste time to slather all tree just for other player to steal the encounter. sorry if i sounded greedy. thank you.
  6. yes you can play through all regions with one character
  7. A: Yes you can still meet your friends even with different ROM as long as you're on the same channel ^^
  8. so you can get back your focus sash after battle? this suggestion will break the game mechanic so no
  9. and if the event was in kanto or your region, you'll complaint that it's too hard to beat? "why would you create such hard event?"
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