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  1. 62nd OT Good thing ally switch failed on horde ^^
  2. Because srif XD Yes, i was originally hunting for a tranquill there yesterday, but then i moved to watchog.
  3. My ign is Diovin 61st OT Shiny tranquill failed X(
  4. Caught this one for you <3 No i'm, not :c @HerickJS congrats! Another one in no time!
  5. Awww thank you! I've been struggling to find one, but finally! 56th ot
  6. Not crazy compared to your luck, im bad at horde 3 or single ec shiny hunt. Hope you find staryu soon! ^^ Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the banner!! @razimovemade one for me, thank you ^^ 55th OT XD
  8. Not 24/7 but i spent most of my time online spamming sweet scent XD
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