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  1. A: Yes you can still meet your friends even with different ROM as long as you're on the same channel ^^
  2. so you can get back your focus sash after battle? this suggestion will break the game mechanic so no
  3. and if the event was in kanto or your region, you'll complaint that it's too hard to beat? "why would you create such hard event?"
  4. Next : a water type pokemon that follows when surfing A flying poke that follows when surfing because it can fly Or poke that can swim follows you when you're surfing
  5. I upvote for the advance pc search since i only play on mobile And also i agree with the overall suggestion :) hope this can be realised
  6. why the black color is different from regular black? it didnt match the black hex cloak :\
  7. would love to, nice suggestion :D Edit : with exception for masterball
  8. Hi is this the most updated? I cant find emerald knit hat and side tie bandana in oldela town
  9. hi, can i use this on android? :)
  10. is this applicabe for android?
  11. My first post yay, hope wont be long, been a rough day at office, some ev training and completing story will do :)
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