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  1. Thanks for mod, Is it just me or are inspect Pokémon really tiny on Android? Anyway to fix?
  2. Ashhley

    GTL Trade Tab

    Yep exactly but I don't see many English speakers in trade chat :p so an automated system is the suggestion to bypass the language barriers :)
  3. Ashhley

    GTL Trade Tab

    What with the increase in non English speaking players I think it would be cool if we could all easily trade together. My suggestion is a new "Trade" tab in the GTL Where you could list your Pokémon(or item) and also input what other Pokémon you are looking for, similar to the current advanced search system you could input everything about a specific Pokémon youre looking for down to the gender and ivs etc, also include a search option where you can drag your Pokémon into the box which will bring up all the posts that are looking for the Pokémon you have matching there specific needs. Similar to GTL selling a Pokémon it will take your Pokémon away and list it for you, if someone accepts the trade both Pokémon are traded and need to be collected from the PC the same as a money sale. Ty for reading :)
  4. Ashhley

    Value Advice

    Understood :) thats why I also wrote "Not sure how many there are" I'll change the above quote for you :p my mistake!
  5. Ashhley

    Value Advice

    Any advice? Not sure how many there are... was told it could be the first in the server from CM LightningVolt Relaxed Nature (+defense - speed)
  6. Could not see one of these in the OP :) was told it could be the first in the server from CM LightningVolt
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